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Made popular back in the early 1980s, stencil art is the one where a pattern is made beforehand and spray or ink is applied on the surface. It is a beautiful form of art where it goes in between realistic and abstract. The way the shading and shadows of the pattern give it details that makes it unique. They are commonly used in graffiti on walls and are very eye catching.

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Aside from it being masterpieces in barren walls, it can also be used in many different things so that’s why we have here some printable stencils for you to use for whatever reasons your heart desires.

Stencil Art of Panda

stencil art of panda

Digital Stencil Artwork

digital stencil artwork

Original Stencil Art Painting

original stencil art painting

Stencil Art of Bruce Lee

stencil art of bruce lee

Stencil Power

This type of art screams retro and vintage, even though it is still commonly seen today—used by the military in their bases or artists who wants to express themselves into the world. Even you can own this marvelous type of art just by clicking on these works of art we have provided for you, and you have a lot to choose from.

  • Stencil Art of Panda. This adorable stencil of a panda on a wall with guns in both hands. The adorableness of the panda speaks opposite with the guns on hand, which makes it funny.
  • Stencil Artwork of Maid. Another humorous artwork that would be a great conversation starter. Who wouldn’t want to talk about a stencil maid sweeping the floor and eventually tucking the trash inside the wall?
  • Original Stencil Art Painting. This painting is kind of terrifying, but terrifying art is still art. This art shows a laughing girl with a big gun on her hand. The big smile on her face as she looks like she is ready to blow your head off will surely be one you won’t forget.
  • Stencil Art of Famous People. If you are a fan of these people, they would be a great addition to your art collection.
    • Micheal Jackson. The prince of pop. Known for beautiful ballads and the moonwalk.
    • Ryan Reynolds. Recently starred in the hit Marvel antihero Deadpool, he was DC’s first Green Lantern.
    • Bruce Lee. The quintessential martial artist/philosopher. He is known for movies as The Big BossEnter the Dragon, and The Fist of Fury. All of cinema’s martial arts film pay homage to his greatness.
    • Robert Downey Jr. Who doesn’t know genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark? He has reprised this iconic role since the Iron Man films.
    • Salvador Dali. Famous Spanish surrealist painter who became famous in the early 1930s.
    • Jessica Alba. Known for her roles in romantic comedies, her résumé also boasts being a model and a mom.
    • Marilyn Monroe. Ever seen the picture of a girl in a white dress and blonde curly hair and signature red lips and a beauty mark on her left cheek? Yes, that’s definitely Marilyn Monroe. She became famous back in the 1940’s and is considered as a popular culture icon.

You can also try out our collection of alphabet stencils if you want to create poignant stencil art with quotes, movie lines, or song lyrics.

Stencil Artwork of Maid

stencil artwork of maid

Home Decor Stencil Art

home decor stencil art

Simple Stencil Art

simple stencil art

Art is a beautiful thing because there are no rules when it comes to making them, which makes each one unique. These stencil art templates are a one-of-a-kind art, and with how they are made makes them different. It looks simple yet sophisticated and will be a good look at any wall or whichever way you want to use them for.

You can also check out our website’s other collection of spray paint stencils if you couldn’t find what you are looking for here.

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