Have you ever looked at a collection of impressive artwork and wished you were the artist? Chances are you’ve more than likely desired to become a designer. Being an artist is fun; it not only creates an opportunity for you to unearth your skills in doing great work but also helps you to learn new things. Being a real artist isn’t going to be easy. It’s somewhat tasking; it requires you not only to learn and evolve your skills but also improve the artistic techniques that you already have. If you are willing to push yourself beyond the boundaries of what you already know about basic art, the following ideas will help you become a better art expert Read More

It helps to be an Information Person

The internet and the local libraries have a lot of information about art. If you spend most of your time reading about art, you are going to become a great designer. Getting started will be difficult if regular reading is not your thing, but if you are serious about the subject, it shouldn’t take you long before you start absorbing it.

Understand Your Artistic Spirit

Art is vast, so you must choose an area of interest. Stop believing that art is random and get real. Examples of areas of art include drawing, writing unique patterns, graphics, and drawing. Your interests, passion, and drive are what will determine the path to follow. Once you pick a sub-genre, you shouldn’t shift your focus at all.

Understand Art Literature

Being informed is one thing; understanding the things you learn is another thing altogether. Be a reader, and be a doer. Put to practice whatever little information you read about art. That is the only best way to open your inner creativity, the creativity that will make it possible for you to have a voice in art.

Complete Simple Designs Each Week

The best way to become good at art is to do a project every week. Because you are more than likely new to art, start with simple projects. It would be great if you gave yourself a deadline and then you should work around that schedule to gauge how far you can go within the limited time.

Recreate what you see

Did you know that the best way to learn art is to create what you see? Having artistic skills means you have the ability to look at a real object and convert it into an imaginary object. When people look at what you have created and compare it with the original object, they should perceive a sense of uniqueness and similarities.

Work with Experienced Artists

The best school is often at the feet of an expert with experience. Because you are in your learning stage, trying to discover how you can become a better artist, you should consider working hand in hand with people who have artistic experiences that surpass your own. There is no way on earth you are going to become a professional if you don’t work with expert artists.

Ask for Honest Reviews

If you are an artist who spends his whole life looking for compliments, you are more than likely going to end up the worst artist ever. Look for honest critiques, and never ignore what anyone has to say. Criticism will not only help you understand where you went wrong in your artwork but also motivate you to make your work even better in the future.

Don’t just watch tutorials, do them

A real artist does not just watch tutorials; he practices what he sees from what others have done. Of course, once you look at a tutorial and do the same thing you see, you are never going to forget what you’ve learned.