10+ High Quality Dot Brushes


Art can be quite challenging to make if you don’t have the right set of tools for the job. Brushes are mainstay tools even in the digital realm and can help you raise the limitations of what you can make. Lucky for you, you stumbled upon a website that can help you get more brushes, in this case brushes to create patches of dots for halftone, polka dot, and manga effects, among others.

On this list, you will find high-quality brushes for you to use in Photoshop or Corel Painter. If you are not satisfied with your choices, don’t worry. We offer many Photoshop brushes for you on our website!

Dot Photoshop Brushes

dot photoshop brushes1 Download

Halftone Dot Brushes

dot photoshop brushes Download

Free Dot Brushes

free dot brushes Download

Retro Dot Brushes

retro dot brushes Download

Dot Splatter Brushes

dot splatter brushes1 Download

Poke-a-Dot Dot Brushes

polka dot brushes Download

What You Can Use These High Quality Dot Brushes For

You’d be surprised what simple brushes can do. All you need is some creativity. Consider just these two ideas:

  • Making art. Some art can be quite difficult to make when you’re doing everything by yourself. These high quality dot brushes can lend you a helping hand when you are making art. You can even experiment which brush goes well to create the effect you want. Retro halftone may double as Japanese comic-book (manga) style, but neon grunge may not work as well.
  • Adding design. If there is something you’d like to add some design to, you can use these high quality dot brushes to do so to your images. We offer many different variety of these high quality dot brushes so you’ll have no lack of options with what brush you want exactly for your image.

As you can see, you can use these dot brushes in multiple different ways. As brushes, you can vary their effects by changing their colors and opacities. The only limit is your imagination. If you’d like more options, take a look at these halftone brushes for more.

Dot Splash Brushes

dot splash brushes Download

Dot Pattern Brushes

dot pattern brushes Download

Vector Dot Brushes

vector dot brushes Download

Dotted Line Brushes

dotted line brushes Download

Grunge Dot Brushes

grunge dot brushes Download

Why Should You Get These High Quality Dot Brushes?

These brushes can really give you a huge boost when making art. In this techy age, no digital artist wants to be called unresourceful. Making the dots yourself might be simple in principle, but a huge suck of your energy and time, which might have been funneled into more creative aspects of your work.

These dot brushes will not only help you save time on halftone cell-shading, background effects, fabric patterns, and overlay effects, but they will also give you all this instantly and in high quality. It’s win-win.

If you found this list helpful, super. But don’t stop here. We really have so many brushes for you to choose from. If you didn’t find what you wanted in this list, you haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg. Head over to our design category in the archive and search for brushes. You can find abstract brushes and more traditional stuff, even brushes that mimic coffee stains and pencil markings, scarily accurate and perfect for the toolkit of every enterprising digital artist, beginner or pro.

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