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Whether you want to hobby your way into the field of photo editing or are a professional looking to impress a client, download these brush templates since they are the perfect tool with which you can fix flaws, enhance and modify your images with precise control, and much more. You can get a variety of the best free to use as well as premium brush templates, which offer a host of features.... Read More

dot brushes

10+ High Quality Dot Brushes

Art can be quite challenging to make if you don’t have the right set of tools for the job. Brushes are mainstay tools even in the digital realm and can help you raise the limitations of what you can make. Lucky for you, you stumbled upon a website that can help you get more brushes, in this case brushes to create patches of dots for halftone, polka dot, and manga effects, among others.

9+ Photoshop Halftone Brushes

Photoshop halftone brushes are used to create a design that smoothly transitions between two colors with the use of color gradient variations. One block of color suffices as a design material, but there are just times when you need to create more striking visuals. There are a variety of Photoshop halftone brushes created with different methods of halftone applications.

85 Free Photoshop Brushes

Wanna have that smoky effect, cloudy-like particles, rabbling bubbles, glittering sparks, or misty fogs on your latest graphics layout? Try to read this post and be amazed by the collection of Adobe Photoshop brushes curated and made available online by our team. These superb tools have been around the designing world lately, and surely, you have already seen one or two effects circling around the town. Scroll down and check how each of these effects is being expertly done.

9+ PSD Feather Brushes

An artist should have no limitations in making art! Only his imagination should be able to decide how far he can go. If you’re looking for ways to be able to lift up the limitations of what you can create, you’ve come to the right place! Have you ever had the need to create feathered images for any reason? We have just the thing for you.

7+Photoshop Wood Brushes

Photoshop wood brushes can easily change the entire appearance of a document or item by incorporating wood textures and patterns. There are many ways that you can incorporate these Photoshop brushes in a material and it all depends on your creativity and imagination.