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85 Free Photoshop Brushes

Wanna have that smoky effect, cloudy-like particles, rabbling bubbles, glittering sparks, or misty fogs on your latest graphics layout? Try to read this post and be amazed by the collection of Adobe Photoshop brushes curated and made available online by our team. These superb tools have been around the designing world lately, and surely, you have already seen one or two effects circling around the town. Scroll down and check how each of these effects is being expertly done.

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Smoke Brushes


This digital brush creates a number of smoke style in various colors. It can create realistic smokes and clouds of swirly, circling and dancing in effect, among others. The effects would do really well in some commercial artwork with black background.

Fractal Smoke

Designers are up to develop more stunning abstract layout and stock images by the use of this digital brush. It is applicable for all versions of Photoshop, hence users can download and utilize them at their disposal.

Misty Photoshop Brushes

Creating smoke art with wisps of white clouds or fog is the art of this Photoshop brush. This is perfect for use as visual effects on art projects or illustrations with backgrounds that are devoid of colors.

Realistic PS Brushes

The brush is ideal for various web projects as well as for photography. Download the item and you will have six smoking brushes that will give you six kinds of digital smoke in return. They can be enhanced further with the use of specific tools on Adobe Photoshop.

Smoke PS Brush Set

The set of Photoshop brushes will give you several kinds of smoke-like vectors. Designed to transform a simple image into artistic one, this is perfect for visual effects, stock images, and embellishments on smoke photography.

Curly Smoke

With this downloadable set of 21 high-resolution brushes, you can say “Goodbye” to those drab designs. This set can be used to create thick and heavy smoke backgrounds or add-ons to your design. They are applicable with Adobe Photoshop CS+ version series.

Transparent Smoke Brush

Transparency is one of the aspects that is innate in smoke as well as smoke art. Create ethereal images or designs with these transparent smoke brushes.

Sparkle Brushes

Glitter and Sparkle Brushes

Perfect for visual effects, commercials, and websites, download this item and you will the kind of brush that is capable of creating magic with glitters and sparkles.

Bubble Sparkle

If you want to add bubbles or bubble shapes to your designs, this set of brushes would be great. These can also be used as add-ons to designs for a retro or vintage feel.

Sparks Fire Brushes

By the label itself, these sparks and fireworks brushes can create a series of fiery particles, explosive ashes and fireballs which are perfect for creating an illusion of a blast or explosion.

Magic Winx Brushes

Experience the magic, not by the wand but by the brush! This mystical brush does create glittering shapes of different types of glitters or stars. Bring magic into your artwork with this set.

Watercolor Brushes

Artists and web designers may further add more colors into their digital art with the use of several Photoshop watercolor brushes as well. Available here are:

  • splatter brushes, which can produce a whole mess of different shades, shapes and thickness;
  • effective, which can cover the whole background;
  • paint brushes, which have heavier tones to emphasize each color’s borders or edges;
  • blue brushes, which produce different shades of blue; and
  • grungy, which can make sponge-like textures for that aged look.

They may click the link below each brush for downloading.


Photoshop Pattern







Cloud Brushes

Some cloud brushes are made available in Adobe Photoshop. These brushes can make a diversity of cloud formations. Our list includes clouds that are fluffy, quality, in high resolution, decorative, as seen in nature, and hinting at precipitation.

Nevertheless, all forms would do justice to wherever and whatever the artist would add them. For instance, fluffy clouds would be really nice if they are added on art with an outdoor setting. Decorative, on the other hand, is perfect if the mode is gloomy. Nature, moreover, is ideal if the concept is black and white, and would require a lot of clouds of different sizes and shapes.


High Resolution



Adobe Photoshop


Frame Brushes

Polaroid Brush

Decorative Frame Brushes

Grunge Frame Brush

Vintage Brushes



Brush Splatter Frame

Vintage Frame Brushes

Splatter Brushes

High Resolution

Photoshop Splatter


Super Crazy

Glossy Blood

Spray Splatter

Paint Splatter

Ink Splatter Brush

Grunge Brushes

Grunge Splatterish Brushes

Vector Grunge Brushes

Red Colour Grunge Brush

Hand Painted

Grunge Brush Strokes

Black Background Grunge Brush

Grunge Paint Brushes

Vector Black

Tree Brushes

High Resolution Tree Brushes

Big Silhouettes Tree Brush

Tree Brushes Elevation

Vectorial Tree Brush

Christmas Tree PS Brushes

Photoshop Tree Brushes

Landscape Tree Brushes

Flower Brushes

Vector Flower Brushes

Photoshop Flower Brushes

Floral Brushes

Floral Fabric Photoshop Brushes

Cute Flower Brushes

Ink Drawing Flower Brushes

Flower Photoshop Brushes

Water Brushes

Water Waves Photoshop Brushes

Water Bubbles Brushes

Water Splash Brushes

Water Photoshop Brushes

Water GIMP Brushes

High Resolution Water Brushes

Water Droplets Brush

Ripple Effect Water Brushes

Doodle Brushes

Heart Doodles Brushes

Doodle Brushes Photoshop

School Doodles Brushes

Handmade Doodle Brushes

Arrow Doodles Brushes

Doodle Frame Brushes

Season Doodles Brushes

Cute Girly Doodle

Creative Doodle Brushes

Heart Brushes

Heart Photoshop Brushes

Bubble Sparkle Brushes

Bubble Heart

My Heart Brushes

Love Heart Brush

Cute Heart Brushes

Heart Brush Pack

Floral Nature Brushes

Heart Brushes Template

Having a smog or a glittering background will no longer be hard for visual artists or web designers given that they have an updated version of Adobe Photoshop. Also, they can have cloudy or abstract-like backgrounds on their art with the use of specific brushes as mentioned above provided that they download one of the digital brushes being offered here. They can likewise go through our Website and research more about Photoshop brushes.

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