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11+ Coffee Flyers

A sizable amount of time in a person’s life is spent in a coffee shop these days. In one way or another, we all depend on these establishments. If we need a rush of caffeine, we turn to a coffee shop. If we need some down time to spend alone or with friends, we turn to a coffee shop once more. You may also see flyer samples.

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We are spoiled for choice when it comes to coffee shops, but even with this abundance, more are about to open and compete for our loyalty. If you yourself are about to butt heads with the competition and open your own, you are definitely going to need some flyers to get the word out. Here are some flyer designs to set you off on promoting your coffee shop.

Coffee Shop Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Coffee Shop Flyer Template

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Size: US

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Coffee Menu Flyer

Retro Coffee Flyer

Coffee Time Flyer Template

Elegant Coffee Flyer

Coffee & Cupcake Flyer

Coffee House Flyer Template


Promoting Your Coffee Shop

Advertising your coffee shop should never be taken lightly. With the market getting more cutthroat by the minute, another shop is willing to take you down once you present an area of weakness. Strong promotion is key here, and we here offer some tips below to get you started:

  • Use our collection of coffee shop flyers.  Our line of flyers are sure to get the word out loud and clear. A flyer is one of the most effective promotional tools and will give people the insight about the products you have to offer and the unique atmosphere of your shop. Don’t forget to include your coffee shop’s address on the flyer so people will know where to find you.
  • Two words—great Wi-Fi. This is a deal breaker between coffee shops and customers. If your shop does not offer this service, you might as well close your doors right now. This is a key feature that you can boast about as this is where most shops flop.
  • Give out free samples. Get people’s interests with your products by offering them a free taste. Free samples take the pressure off for people to commit on a drink as they are just getting to know your shop. This is also the best opportunity for you to showcase products that are bound to become best sellers.

Coffee Shop Promotion Flyer

Cafe Restaurant Flyer Template


Green Cup Coffee Flyer

Coffee Shop Menu Flyer

Coffee Shop Flyer

How Good Are Flyers, Really?

If there is still a tinge of doubt in your mind about using flyers to market your coffee shop, here are some facts to show you that flyers are and always will be a great advertising tool for anything:

  • You get to interact with people. Handing out flyers is a great way for you to talk to potential customers so you can talk more about your service. This opportunity to connect with passersby should also be given great importance.
  • You can get creative with your advertising. Flyers will somehow find a way to reach more people than you’ve actually handed them to. Getting creative with your flyers will surely catch more people’s attention so best to make them as striking as you possibly can.
  • Flyers are cheap. Most of our flyer templates do not come with a cost at all, yes, that is true. But some of our templates are created by awesome, talented designers, and they still need to eat, right? Not to worry, though. These templates only require modest fees (basically, if you want to redistribute these templates as your own) so you don’t really have to break the bank.

Aside from these coffee shop flyers, we also have a big collection of restaurant flyers if this is the type of establishment you are advertising. So check them out if you need some too.

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