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22+ Coffee Shop Flyer Templates – PSD, AI, EPS Vector Format Download

Everybody needs a cup of coffee to brighten their day. What better than dropping by a coffee shop on your way to work or college for a hot cup of perfect blend coffee? Coffee flyers play an important visual aid role in making sure that people notice your brand. Any coffee shop or small restaurant has a limited menu. Hence, they can use the right flyer template that is available online for them to download and edit as per their needs.

Promoting your business is easy with the help of any of the below-mentioned flyer templates that have attractive features. The attractions include excellent photos, high-resolution images, and print-ready features. One of the most notable features is the high degree of customizability of these sample flyer templates given below. You can use any of them with the utmost ease.

Coffee Shop Flyer Template

coffee shop flyer template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed

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Promote your coffee shop business better with the help of this shop flyer template. It has a fresh design that surely gets the attention of any reader. The format and design can surely get your message to the people in the quickest way possible. It has a wide range of color schemes, that will definitely attract the attention of the readers. This template can be easily edited and customized to meet your needs and requirements. Try it out now!

Coffee Shop Flyer Template

coffee shop flyer template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Publisher
  • Photoshop

Size: US

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Invite as many people as you can to your newly opened coffee shop or a small restaurant with the help of this above-mentioned template, which will definitely be of great help to you. This template has a range of high-resolution photos and attractive designs, that are easy to edit and customize as per the needs and preferences of the user. You can also share it digitally through email, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. with ease. Check it out now!

Delicious Coffee Shop Flyer Template

delicious coffee shop flyer template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US

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Put the “D” back into “delicious” with the help of this brown colored coffee shop flyer template. It is available in many file formats that you can easily download and edit as per your wish. This flyer has amazing quality photos and art that can be edited as per the needs of the user. Another added advantage is that it is not just limited to the computer, but you can also download it on any electronic device with ease.

Coffee Shop Flyer Template

free coffee shop flyer template 1x
File Format
  • Apple Pages
  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • Publisher
  • AI

Size: US

Free Download

A photograph flyer template that is perfect for your coffee shop, if you do want to publicize and market your shop to the maximum number of people. This template can be downloaded, edited and printed anytime and anywhere with ease. There are many flyer templates in Word available for you to download, choose the best from the lot and edit it as per your needs and requirements. Try them now!

Flat Coffee Shop Flyer

flat coffee shop flyer

The Flat Coffee Shop Flyer is perfect for those in the restaurant industry. The presentation images in the theme can help in the promotion of sales. The 300 dpi high-resolution images are free to use.

5 Steps to Create a Coffee Flyer:

Step 1: Design the Layout

It is very important that you have a layout for your flyer, in this way, it gets easier for you to sketch the design of the coffee shop you have in mind. Take a look at flyer templates in PSD to get a better idea of how you can make the most unique flyer needed. The layout acts as an outline of the brochure for you so that you know where everything goes and how you should set it up.

Step 2: Prepare a Sketch

Before making the final draft, make a rough sketch and design of how you would like your flyer to look. Mind map the idea on how you can use the flyer to most of its abilities. A sketch will help you come with different layouts and designs as to how you can represent your business on the flyer. Once you have all the ideas together, try sketching the idea on any computer application or software.

Step 3: Add the Details

The next thing for you to do would be to add all the details needed in the flyer. This means you can add short details of what you service so that customers would want to come to taste these unique dishes. Mention any discounts or special services you provide like a gist in the flyer, as these attract more people. Check bakery flyer templates for more. Details of where you are located, the contact details, etc. should be clearly mentioned in the flyer.

Step 4: Final Draft with Menu

Once you have the perfect design of your flyer, the next thing for you to do would be to develop the final draft of your flyer. Keep it to the minimal and sophisticated. Professional colors and design should be perfect for your coffee flyer. Have a menu ready for your coffee shop always, because that is the first thing any customer will look at as soon as they enter your place. Have enough options for your customers to explore.

Step 5: Review and Print

Make sure that you review your flyer before you send it for print. This will keep mistakes at bay and save you the embarrassment of being picked on for these faults later on. The logo of your coffee shop should be present in the flyer, and also, small clip art of a coffee cup or a glass should be added, just so the flyer looks presentable. Once you review your flyer for any mistakes, make the necessary changes and print it in the shape and size you like.

Coffee Menu and Coffee Flyer

coffee menu and coffee flyer

The Coffee Menu and Coffee Flyer are ideal for coffee shops and bakeries. Containing two PSD files with editable and layered texts and graphics, this is best for promotional purposes.

Fantastic Retro Coffee Shop Flyer

fantastic retro coffee shop flye

This is the perfect flyer template for the food and beverage industry. Coming with a fully labeled PSD file, these CMYK print-ready features make it an attractive flyer template.

Vector Coffee Shop Flyer

vector coffee shop flyer

This is an attractive coffee shop flyer template best suited for the coffee shops and restaurants. You get the advantage of high-resolution images and CMYK print-ready features.

Coffee Shop Flyer & Menu

coffee room coffee shop flyer menuThis is a vintage coffee shop flyer template with exotic colors. The best part of this template is that you can alter the photos and use them for other beverages as well. The 300 dpi resolution and the CMYK features make it attractive.

Professional Coffee Shop Flyer

professional coffee shop flyerThis Professional Coffee shop flyer comes with editable PSD files that enable you to customize the theme. Hence, changing the photos is very easy. With 300 dpi images, this is best for promotional purposes for coffee shops and restaurants.

Retro Coffe Shop Advertising Flyer

retro coffe shop advertising flyerIdeal for coffee shops and the beverage businesses, the Retro Coffe shop Advertising flyer comes with fully layered PSD files. The print-ready features, CMYK mode, and the 300 dpi high-resolution images look heavenly.

Coffee Shop Menu Flyer

coffee shop menu flyerPerfectly designed for a coffee shop, you can display all your menus in this flyer. Handing it over to the customer can make his order for his home. The CMYK flyer is a customizable one.

Cafe Restaurant Flyer Template

cafe restaurant flyer templateUsing the Café Restaurant Flyer Template, you can edit the contents easily. You can customize the product to suit your requirements. The 300 dpi high-resolution images complement the attractive features.

Coffee Shop and Beverages Promotion Flyer

coffee shop and beverages promotion flyerYou require basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop for customizing this Coffee Shop and Beverages Promotion flyer. The CMYK settings and the print-ready features make it the ideal template for the coffee shop business.

Coffee Shop Promotion Flyer Template

coffee shop promotion flyer templateThis is a modern Coffee Shop Promotion flyer template with attractive features. This easily editable template is best suited for promotional purposes. It has attractive features such as CMYK mode and 300 dpi high-resolution images.

Coffee House Flyer PSD Template

coffee house flyer psd templateThis is a fully editable Coffee shop flyer with great features such as CMYK mode, 300 dpi high-resolution, etc. Best suited for coffee shop promotional activities, this is an attractive flyer template in all respects.

Bread Coffee Shop Flyer

bread coffee shop flyerThe 300 dpi high-resolution and the CMYK mode settings are the major highlights of this wonderful coffee shop flyer template. Fully customizable, the Bread Coffee Shop flyer is ideal for coffee shops and restaurants.

Roasted Coffee Shop Free Flyer PSD Template

roasted coffee shop free flyer psd templateChanging texts and photos in the Roasted Coffee Shop Free Flyer PSD Template is easy. You can change the designs and colors as well. Ideal for the promotion of coffee shops, this is an attractive flyer.

Discount Coffee Cheap Flyers

discount coffee cheap flyers

Coffee Shop Premium Flyer Template

coffee shop premium flyer template

Free Coffee Shop Flyer PSD Template

free coffee shop flyer psd template

Best Coffee Shop Flyer Template

best coffee shop flyer template


Using a high-quality menu card for the coffee shops and restaurants is the need of the hour in this highly commercialized business. You can use the restaurant flyers to recreate the magic. The high-resolution images make for attractive menu cards. Customizing them easily, you can alter the same to suit other beverage industry requirements as well.

The above-mentioned flyer templates help in the promotion of your coffee shop or cafe in the best way possible. To ensure that your customers know what your cafe services, it is always better to have a menu ready. The size of the flyer can be any, but make sure that you place it in the most crowded places so that it would be easier for people to know who you are. Check the cafe flyer menu template for more. This will also make it easy for them to locate you, using the location and contact details you provide.

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