17+ Disco Flyer Templates – PSD, EPS

Nightclubs, lounges and discotheques often host a variety of music events, DJs, singers, performers and parties. One of the most effective ways of advertising these events is through flyers. For this purpose we have an extensive range of disco flyer templates. Our DJ flyer template are colorful, vibrant and contain images of people dancing, images and logos of speakers and microphones and other relevant dance and music related icons.

Disco Pop Flyer Template

disco-pop-flyer-template Download

Vibrant Disco Flyer Template

vibrant-disco-flyer-template Download

Geometric Disco Flyer Template


Disco Flyer Bundle

disco flyer bundle

The disco flyer bundle is an excellent disco flyer that is a visual treat to watch. The bright colors and the visual effect merges to create the best disco flyer.

All Night Disco Flyer

all night disco flyer

The all night disco flyer is a simple dark themed disco flyer that uses visual effects to create a neon lighting to highlight the all night disco club and the date.

Disco Party Flyer

disco party flyer

Retro Disco Flyer Template

retro disco flyer template

The retro disco flyer template is a simple looking disco flyer that looks retro and uses a simple visual effect that brings out the beauty of this simple disco flyer.

Mirror Disco Ball on Black

mirror disco ball on black

The mirror disco ball on black is a beautiful looking mirror ball flyer that is also known as disco ball and can be used to create the best disco flyer.

New Year Disco Flyer

new year disco flyer

The new year disco flyer is a gorgeous and beautiful looking disco flyer that uses bright golden color on a dark background to create a visually stunning new year disco flyer.

Boogie Disco Flyer

boogie disco flyer

The boogie disco flyer has a very 70’s disco vibe to it. This old school style flyer can be easily edited and the user can add details of the upcoming event, name of the host, details of the venue where the event is going to be held and other important information.

A Night of Disco Flyer

a night of disco flyer

A night of disco flyer is a very futuristic looking flyer. This flyer would be ideal for electronic dance music gigs and performances. The user can add the name of the performing DJ, location where the performance will be held and other information.

House Party Disco Flyer Template

house party disco flyer template

The house party disco flyer is perfect for large scale and commercial parties. This template has space for the user to add the details of the performance artists, venue of the event and other relevant information. This template has the image of young party girl on it.

Catch My Disco Flyer

catch my disco flyer

The catch my disco flyer is the perfect template for those looking to advertise after hours parties. This template is extremely captivating and allows the user to add content in a holographic font. The template is a paid one and can be easily edited.

Disco Queen Flyer Template

disco queen flyer template

The disco queen flyer is another futuristic looking poster that is ideal for electronic dance music events. The user can edit the flyer to add details of the entry fee, venue, time, date and other information of the event.

A4 Disco Flyer Poster Template

a4 disco flyer poster template

The A4 size disco flyer poster has a beautiful reddish abstract background. Details of the event can be added to the flyer. This template is the perfect size to stuff into people’s mail boxes or even pin onto notice boards.

Disco Party Flyer

disco party flyer1

The disco flyer is a beautiful and gorgeous looking disco flyer that uses cool visual effects and bright colors to create the ultimate party flyer used to advertise the party.

My Disco Party Flyer

my disco party flyer

This flyer has the image of a party girl on it surrounded with old school records. The my disco party flyer is the kind of template that is ideal for VIP events or small sized commercial events. The template can be easily edited as per the requirement of the user.

Disco Diva Flyer Template

disco diva flyer template

The disco diva flyer template is the ultimate and perfect template for large sized commercial disco events. This gold and black template is extremely captivating. The user can add complete details about the venue, date, performance artists, time and other information about the event.

These well crafted disco flyer templates permit the user to fill in the details of the event details, time of the event, date of the event, details of the performer, the venue and other relevant information.

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