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A flyer is a low-cost form of mass marketing that provides information about a particular event or happening. There are many ways that a flyer may be used and it all depends on the purpose that the entity who will use it would like to achieve. The most common use of flyers is to hold information about an event that is about to happen. Event Flyers are used by companies and organizations to assure that more people will know about the event which can possibly provide more sales should people be interested to attend.

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Flyers usually answer the basic questions that people have regarding a business, a company, or an occasion. Depending on the scope of the flyer’s details, it should be able to relay the fundamentals of the items which is the reason why it was made. Proper Elegant Flyer Template must also be incorporated to the flyer so that people will be more interested to look at it and browse through its content.

Printable Event Flyer Template

Company Event Flyer

event company flyerDownload

Church Event Flyer

church event flyerDownload

Bowling Event Flyer

bowling event flyerDownload

Golf Event Flyer

golf event flyerDownload

Printable Real Estate Flyer Template

Coming Soon Real Estate Flyer

coming soon real estate flyerDownload

Commercial Real Estate Agent Flyer

commercial real estate flyerDownload

DIY Real Estate Flyer

diy real estate flyerDownload

Luxury Real Estate Flyer

luxury real estate flyerDownload

Printable Business Flyer Template

Business Anniversary Flyer

business anniversary flyerDownload

Business Consulting Flyer

business consulting flyerDownload

Business Dinner Flyer

business dinner flyerDownload

Interior Design Flyer Template

interior design flyer template

Printable Party Flyer Template

Party Club Flyer

party club flyerDownload

Holiday Party Flyer

holiday party flyerDownload

Pool Party Flyer

pool party flyer1


Beach Party Flyer

beach party flyerDownload

Printable Birthday Flyer Template

Birthday Bash Flyer

birthday bash flyerDownload

Kid’s Birthday Flyer

kids birthday flyerDownload

Save The Date Birthday Flyer

birthday save the date flyerDownload

Baby Birthday Flyer

baby birthday flyerDownload

Entities That Use Flyers

Since flyers can be used for a lot of purposes, there are also many entities that can make use of this marketing tool to give them the advantages that they need in terms of information dissemination. Each flyer used by a particular entity is different compared to those that are used by others may it be with regard to design, content, and overall appeal. Entities who use flyers for a variety of reasons are as follows:

  • Individuals can use flyers to provide information about an advocacy that they support. It can be used to help an individual be known or for the cause that they are championing to reach more people. There are many events where flyers are needed by individuals a few of which are during the elections and when there is a need for a birthday announcement. Birthday Party Flyers contain all the information about the program that will happen during a particular birthday party event.
  • Businesses also use business flyers to promote their offerings or give more data about the company to get the trust of a wider market. It is very important to know which market to penetrate and the reaction of the people regarding the company’s flyers can be one of the indication if the company’s products and/or services will be purchased accordingly. An Agency Flyer is one of the examples of flyers used for business purposes as they allow people to get more information about a company and the things that they can get from them.
  • Companies can also make use of flyers to market their events and the promotions and programs that they can provide to their clients and customers. Different company announcements may also be included in the content of a flyer so that people will be aware of what will happen and they can prepare if they would like to take part during a company’s event.
  • Nonprofit organizations also make use of flyers so that they can spread awareness regarding volunteer activities, fundraising events, and other programs, which is purposely done for the benefit of an individual, a group, or a particular sector of the community.
  • Moreover, the government can also use flyers to let the public know their agenda and the events that they will push through for the betterment of the common public.

Printable Fundraiser Flyer Template

BBQ Fundraiser Flyer

bbq fundraiser flyerDownload

Fundraiser Car Wash Flyer

fundraiser car wash flyerDownload

Printable Advertising Flyer Template

Advertising Agency Flyer

123456advertising agency flyer


Dog Walking Advertising Flyer

dog walking advertising flyerDownload

Advertising Product Flyer

12advertising product flyerDownload

Construction Advertising Flyer

construction advertising flyerDownload

Printable Company Flyer Template

Company Announcement Flyer

company announcement flyerDownload

Music Event Flyer Template

music event flyer template

Printable Grand Opening Flyer Template

Bakery Grand Opening Flyer

bakery grand opening flyerDownload

Salon Grand Opening Flyer

salon grand opening flyerDownload

Grand Opening Club Flyer

grand opening club flyerDownload

Printable Church Flyer Template

Church Concert Flyer

church concert flyerDownload

Church Dinner Flyer

church dinner flyerDownload

Church Musical Flyer

church musical flyerDownload

Church Revival Flyer

church revival flyeDownload

Flyers Used for Event Advertisement

Flyers, as said, is commonly used to provide information about an event. As an advertising tool, it can be of help to the following events and programs:

  • Music concerts make use of event flyers for the people to know the bands or artists who will play for the event. It allows the people to decide whether they should go or not depending on the front act of the music concert, the price of the tickets, the program of the music concert, and the genre of music that will be played. All these information are included in an event advertisement embodied through a flyer.
  • Flyers are also known to give the details of a night club party event. Night clubs host and organize different kinds of parties which is why people need to be updated on the programs that will happen on a specific night. The details of these special night club events are viewed in a flyer that is usually posted at the locations near the night club and the business’s online pages.
  • Different kinds of parties can also make use of flyers so that the prospective attendees can be aware of the kind of party that is being advertised by a flyer. Party Flyers commonly include information about the location of the party, the date and time that the party will be held, and the kind of party that people can expect during an event. Pool and beach parties are only a few of those parties that maximize the use of party flyers to invite more people which can result to a more successful and more fun celebration.
  • Countries, cities, and municipalities also make use of flyers to market the festivals that are being held in their location. It is very important to provide a comprehensive flyer for this kind of event as people will fly from different places just to witness a festival that is celebrated in a specific destination for a given period of time.
  • A Dinner Party Flyer may be used to invite people over a dinner event if it is used in a small group setting. However, dinner party flyers can actually be used by restaurant to market their dinner offerings, which may coincide with an event. Different events usually give the restaurant the chance to give dinner meal promotions, special food rates, and packages, which may be available for consumption on a particular period.

Flyers Used for Marketing and Promotion

Aside from a flyer’s use to give the details of an event to a bigger crowd, it can also be used for marketing and promotion purposes. A few of the instances on how it can be used in this manner are as follows:

  • A flyer may contain information about the goods or product being sold by a particular brand. Product flyers help in the promotion of an item especially if it is a new offering and it needs the exposure that it needs for people to be aware that it is already available for purchase. Commonly, a product flyer includes the description of the product, the usage of the product, the product price, the ingredients used to create the product, and the overall look of the item.
  • The services of a business may also be marketed through the use of flyers. It is usually spas, salons, and hair parlors that use flyers to let people know that they have the pampering services that they need. Flyers containing information about a business’ service offerings usually give focus on the competitive advantage of the services and how it differs from those that are being offered by other companies.
  • A flyer can also be used to announce the discounts given by companies to its clients at a short period of time. Information about price drops and sales can also be the reason why a flyer has to be made. Clothing stores are the usual prospects that use flyers for this specific purpose.
  • Restaurants and other stores use flyers to give more emphasis on their brand as well. A flyer can be used in marketing and promotion activities just be letting people know about the nature of the brand and the quality of the brand that makes it stand out.

Printable Retirement Flyer Template

Retirement Celebration Flyer

retirement celebration flyerDownload

Printable School Flyer Template

School Open House Flyer

school open house flyerDownload

Back to School Flyer

back to school flyerDownload

Printable Announcement Flyer Template

Graduation Announcement Flyer

graduation announcement flyerDownload

Meeting Announcement Flyer

meeting announcement flyerDownload

Printable Bake Sale Flyer Template

Spring Bake Sale Flyer

spring bake sale flyerDownload

Bake Sale Benefit Flyer

bake sale benefit flyerDownload

Printable Cleaning Flyer Template

Cleaning Service Flyer

cleaning service flyerDownload

House Cleaning Flyer

house cleaning flyerDownload

Carpet Cleaning Flyer

carpet cleaning flyerDownload

Cleaning Products Flyer

cleaning products flyerDownload

The Flyer Design

If you are tasked to design a flyer for a particular purpose, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Before deciding to apply the flyer design, you need to first know the reason why the flyer has been made or the purpose of the flyer creation. There are a lot of designs that may be applied in a flyer so people should not be confused in terms of the design idea that they will materialize. As an example, an Anniversary Party Flyer caters for a particular event, but it does not necessarily mean that will are already aware of the kind of celebration that will occur. It can be a wedding anniversary, a group anniversary, or a business’s anniversary in the industry where they belong. With all of those samples, there sure are a lot of design variations that may be applied depending on what is being celebrated. As the person who will do the flyer design, you need to be aware of the entirety of the event so that you can properly use design materials appropriate for the main purpose of the flyer usage.
  • Use fonts and text styles that can further accentuate the event that will happen. Cursive fonts are usually associated with formal gatherings and special events. Bold fonts are commonly used during birthday parties and other joyful activities. Learn the basics of using these simple items so you can better visualize the kind of flyer that you will use.
  • You can actually experiment with regards to the use of flyer designs. If the client has no specific design brief in mind, you can make use of PSD Event Flyers. These flyer designs may be old-fashioned, but they sure do bring a lot of character to the flyer that you are creating.
  • The theme of the event or the entirety of the product is also an essential area needed to be considered. If the event or the product being advertised in the flyer is needed to be branded in a certain manner, you need to be aligned with the specifications of the item so that you can exude its individuality in the flyer design that you will use.

Ways to Disseminate Flyers

Since flyers have a lot of usages, there are also a lot of ways that it can be viewed or handed out to people who are the target of the entity in terms of giving the information that can be found in a flyer. A few ways on how a flyer can be displayed or given are as follows:

  • Flyers can be handed out in the streets and other locations where feet traffic is evident. This activity is known as leafleting where agents are paid just by giving out the flyers that contain information about a company’s product and /or services. Real estates and merchandise stores usually do this activity to get prospective clients and customers.
  • Flyers can be given away during events. It is possible to be done if a business who hosted and organized an event has sponsors and these sponsors would like to use the event as a platform where they can provide information about their brand as well.
  • Some flyers are distributed door to door or sent through the mail especially if the company is just operating in a small scale in terms of location. It can serve as an information for product sale or if there are new offerings that people can purchase in the business.
  • lyers can be posted on bulletin boards at schools, restaurants, offices, and other establishments.
  • Sometimes, flyers can just be put under windshield wipers of cars who are parked at a certain location. Moreover, they can also be pasted at telephone poles, establishment surfaces, walls, and other public locations.
  • With the rampant use of technology and other developments related to it, flyers can be sent through e-mail for easier information distribution. Electronic flyers can be an e-mail attachment if there is already an initial message done regarding the introduction of the flyer’s content. However, it can also be included or embedded in the body of the e-mail.

Flyers are easy to use especially if you are already aware of its basic functions and the design that can be applied on different situations where a flyer is used. Again, if you want to create a flyer, make sure that you know the purpose on why a flyer is needed and the appropriate creation of its design for it to be aligned with the content that the flyer has.

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