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Dinner parties are as fun as any party with booze, music, and food. The only difference is the kind of drinks, entertainment, and meals there is in a rather contemporary and trendy event. Most of the time, though, dinner parties tend to navigate through the realms of formal events. Often called as a black-tie event, one can easily reckon that the attendees are required to wear tuxedos and dressy outfits.

Planning a dinner party is actually more meticulous than planning a brunch party. First of all, an invitation is required for guests to attend rather than being optional in any other event. We have compiled some flyer templates for dinner parties that you can download and use to give out to your prospective guests.

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Flyer



Dinner Party Flyer PSD Template



 Night Dinner Party Flyer



Autumn Dinner Party Flyer



Chalkboard Dinner Party Flyer



Details to Include in the Invitation Flyer

  • Event details. Important details such as the date, time, location, and basic agenda should be prominently stipulated in the invitation. A well-placed marketing ploy can also be included to attract those who are still undecided.
  • Formality level. The kind of invitation that you should prepare, alongside other factors, should be based on the level of formality of the event. Formal dinners require elegant letters while less posh parties only require an office memo or email in the least.
  • Guests and dress code. You should also indicate whether a guest can bring another guest or not. A formal dinner also requires a formal dress code, so make sure to inform guests as not to make them out of place.
  • Send out. You would want to give your guests time to prepare for the special occasion and make sure they are free to attend, so the invitation should be sent at least 4 weeks before the event, with a last reminder beforehand if necessary.

Check out more party flyer templates for every occasion for more invitation flyer ideas!

BBQ Dinner Party Flyer



Christmas Dinner Party Flyer



Valentine’s Dinner Party Flyer



Ways to Differentiate the Types of Dinner Parties

There are several ways in which a formal dining event differs from other types of dining occasions. Here are some considerations you need to make in planning the occasion.

  • Kind of meals. Formal dinners usually serve multiple, usually a five-course, meals with demitasse and liquors. All food is served from the kitchen and services are performed by butlers and staffs. While informal ones, such as barbecue parties are self-service.
  • Dress code. The most perceptible difference of a formal dinner from a regular one is the dress code. People are dressed in formal wear as a specific event protocol. In a regular, people can wear anything, although pool parties require swimming wear.
  • Entertainment. The kind of music being played in formal dinners should be soft, such as jazz and ballroom, and played in the background rather than music that sets the mood for dancing which is ideal for less formal events.
  • Venue. Also one of the recognizable differences of a formal dinner is the order of service and seating protocols. This is usually possible in Michelin restaurants or an upscale ballroom, while dinners with friends and family can be done at home.

It is important to get to know these differences so that the right elements are used in your invitations and flyers. Don’t forget to see our food flyer templates for other party ideas!

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