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When it comes to schools and colleges, open lines of communications are a must between teachers and students. To communicate on a mass scale, flyers and posters are usually preferred. Below, you’ll find a number of Flyer Templates that can be used to distribute the course and curriculum guide, spread news about an upcoming party or event and even to advertise certain schools or programs. It is entirely up to you how you want to use the student flyers here!

student flyer

International Student’s Day Flyer

international student day flyer 440
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Student Campaign Flyer Template

student campaign flyer template 1x
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Student Party Flyer

student party flyer

School students often organise class parties where all members are expected to participate. This flyer here could be used to spread awareness and ask students to join the fun!

School Summer Camp Flyer

school summer camp flyer

Is your school organising a summer camp? Then you could use this template to spread the word and invite people to join in. Here, you can mention the details about the summer camp as well.

Students Bible Study Flyers

students bible study flyers

For a religious institution, you will seldom come across a better Bible flyer template. The template has been kept attractive and to the point, thus catching the attention of students.

International School Flyer Template

international school flyer template

Advertising for an international school requires you to put up attractive flyers. In this flyer, you can add all the details about the school like the courses offered, the curriculum and so on.

Students City Festival Flyer

students city festival flyer

A festival for students would need a flyer template as attractive as the one here. Here you can mention all that is about to take place at the festival and also add attractive images.

Student Night PSD Flyer Template

student night psd flyer template

Student nights are organised from time to time. Such a template would need stunning graphics, attractive text and catchy headlines like the ones seen in this beautiful flyer template here.

School Kiddish Flyer Template

school kiddish flyer template

Designing a flyer for the kids? Then you must take a look at this beautiful template. It is 100% editable and would allow you to insert as many images and textual elements as possible.

Chemistry Tutor Flyer Template

chemistry tutor flyer template

If you’re working as a chemistry tutor, then this template is for you. You can include your contact details and other information in the template so that students can reach out to you.

School Open House Flyer

school open house flyer

Is your school having an open house? Then this is the template for you. In the flyer, you can include details about the event and also put in some eye catching images.

College Party Flyer Template

college party flyer template

College students are going to love this template! If you are planning to have a party anytime soon, then you could use this template to invite your fellow students to the party!

Law Students Party Flyer

law students party flyer

This flyer template has been especially designed for law students. Students planning to have a grand bash can use this template to spread the word and invite others to join in!

Student Course & Fee Guide Flyer

student course fee guide flyer

It is important for school students to have a fee and course wide. To create one for your students, you can use this template. The best part is, you’ll be able to edit it if there are changes. You can also see Academic Flyer Templates.

Student Summertime Special Flyer

student summertime special flyer

All of the school and college flyers that you see here are 100 % editable. Once you download the template, you have complete freedom to edit or retain the information on the flyers. If you’re satisfied with the overall appearance of the flyer, you can print and distribute it.

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