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Volunteering is an act that is done by more people every day. There are a lot of nonprofit organizations and institutions that provide help to different entities, which makes it easier for people to sign up as volunteers, especially if the organization’s beneficiaries are related to the advocacy that the person also wants to support.

A volunteer flyer design is used by organizations for people to know that they are recruiting for volunteers or there are volunteering activities that are open for people who want to extend their help and services to the needy. Here on Template.net, we provide for you templates of volunteer flyers available for download and other samples of a Flyer Template which may be used for other purposes other than to provide information about volunteer work and activities.

Volunteer Flyer Template

volunteer flyer template
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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Volunteer Recruitment Flyer



Volunteer Event Flyer



Campaign Volunteer Flyer



Volunteer Dog Flyer



Volunteer Ceremony Flyer



Information in a Volunteer Flyer

A basic volunteer flyer includes the following information:

  • The organization that supports a common cause
  • The people that will benefit from the volunteering activities
  • The purpose of the volunteer program
  • The date and time that volunteering activity will be held
  • The duration of the volunteering
  • The pledges that a person may commit, should it be applicable
  • The location of the volunteering activity
  • The items that are needed to be done for the volunteering project
  • Other information that possible volunteers need to know

For Whom Is a Volunteer Flyer?

Volunteering is a work that not all people can commit into. It takes time, dedication, and passion for a person to fully provide his or her services, extended help and/or expertise to those who need it. A volunteer flyer is created to provide information for the following people:

  • The employees of a company who have a volunteering program as a part of the business’s corporate social responsibilities
  • An academic organization that wants to recruit people who want to gather awareness about volunteering activities at an early age
  • People who want to help in calamities and other unfortunate events that negatively affected the lives of many people
  • People who want to join a group or an organization that supports a specific advocacy
  • Any people who wanted to get involved in any volunteering work

Aside from our volunteer flyer templates, you may also download our PSD Flyer and Event Flyer samples.

Food Bank Volunteer Flyer



job Volunteer Flyer



Free Volunteer Flyer



NHS Volunteer Flyer



Other Information That Can Be Found in a Volunteer Flyer

To get more pledges and volunteers, an organization may provide these information in their volunteer flyers:

  • The achievements that have been done by the organization for a period of time
  • The people or the number of people who have been involved in the volunteer works of the organization
  • The benefits that the people to whom the program is for have received
  • The documentation of different programs and other volunteer events that the organization have handled for the past months or years

Impact of Volunteering

To get more connected to the emotions of the people, a volunteer flyer may add the impact of volunteering not only to the beneficiaries and the organization but also to the person who is to render volunteer services. A few of the impacts of being involved to volunteer works are as follows:

  • It widens your perspective about different things and situations.
  • It helps you to contribute your skills, talents, and competencies for a bigger purpose.
  • It allows you to have experiences in helping others and attending to the needs of the specific group in the community.
  • It allows you to touch the lives of others regardless whether the act of volunteering is big or small.
  • It enables you to be a part of the progress that is made in a specific area of the society.

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