Datasheets are sell sheets or specification sheets mainly used for commercial businesses, organizations, and professionals. Creating a clear and systematic datasheet for your product, electronic material, subsystem, software or job application is integral in providing essential and sufficient information to prospects in an orderly manner.   datasheet

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Datasheet Definition & Meaning

A datasheet is a one-sheet document composed of fundamental details of a component, material, product, service, or system such as its main characteristics, performance, and many others.

Datasheets, also known as specification sheets or sell sheets, are crucial documentation tools for many people, businesses, and organizations as they are extensively used for specifying primary aspects of an item or service to guide people in selecting the right items or in utilizing the items properly.

What Is a Datasheet?

A datasheet is a formal and well-structured document that provides essential information of a specific product, service, or person. It is generally used by many companies and professionals to inform and explain to their target audience the purpose and value of a specific product or service.

10 Types Of Datasheets

Business Datasheet

Whether you are managing a food or clothing business, writing a compelling business datasheet is helpful for your prospective clients or target customers to make informed decisions on purchasing your products or services. It is an informative sell sheet that contains key information about the products and services your offer in your business. Be creative while structuring your business datasheet while using a sample professional graphic design and document template like this. 


Technical Datasheet

This type of specification sheet provides the technical composition of an electronic product or service, as well as the specifications of technical services offered. It is an informational and advertising document used by electronic engineers as it gives useful tips about an electronic product or service, instructional guidelines on an electronic product/service, and risks/safety details that the user needs to know. Demonstrate the technical and electronics services of your business in a professional way while using our sample technical datasheet template below. 


Software Datasheet

Software specialists and Information Technology (IT) software developers use a software datasheet to specify the characteristics of a certain software product. It also describes the services of a professional software development company such as application services, software consulting, software product development, and mobile application development. Plus, it includes some reasons why people must choose their company.


Service Datasheet

Showcase your service company while using our modern service datasheet template. Whether your company offers computer engineering services or construction services, tell your target customers about your professional computer engineering services or construction services, as well as the key advantages of your computer services. List the names and designated roles of your team members in your company. 


School Datasheet

Educators, teachers, professors, and other teaching professionals use a well-coordinated school datasheet to keep track of the progress of their student’s performance. With this document, you can conveniently list the students of your school, their contact details, ID number, and other crucial information. So, you may easily download and use our customizable school data sheet template here below. 


Safety Datasheet

Create a simple and cohesive safety datasheet for your security inspection agency. Explain how your safety business raises safety awareness and quality standards across an organization, and describe your safety rules and guidelines in certain events or unexpected situations. Tell how your team effectively gets safety issues and problems solved through the innovative safety services that you offer. 


Real Estate Datasheet

Make an appealing real estate datasheet for your real estate agency! Write how your real estate business utilizes versatile proprietary tools to raise and position your property to look good for prospective buyers. Describe how your business craft exceptional marketing that fits the needs of your client in your datasheet. 


Product Datasheet

A product datasheet is a type of specification sheet that usually contains key information about a certain product which includes product specifications, product descriptions, classification data, manufacturer name, and product code. It also provides product images, logos, product benefits, leaflets, and instructional guidelines or manuals available in PDF, InDesign, PSD, Illustrator, and other digital formats. Many manufacturers use this data model to define various taxonomy classifications of products.


Personal Datasheet

Prepare a visually-aesthetic and thought-provoking personal datasheet when you are applying for a new job. Point out your unique characteristics and work experiences to grab the attention of your potential employers. Simply fill in the necessary information in this personal datasheet template and personalize it based on your preferences. 


Marketing Datasheet

Corporate marketing specialists work on developing an enticing marketing datasheet for their marketing business. Explain the major features of your business such as blogging, SEO website, social media, calls-to-action, landing pages, marketing automation, lead management, smart content, CRM, email marketing, and analytics. You may include some reasons why people need to choose you among others in your datasheet. 


Datasheet Uses, Purpose, Importance

A datasheet offers multiple uses depending on the purpose of a business firm, or a professional. You can see different types of datasheets in numerous marketing and advertising materials such as sell sheets, brochures, training manuals, and other online publishing formats. Below is a list of the common uses, purposes, and importance of datasheets.

Informative Tool

Making a well-defined datasheet for your business or project is fundamental because it brings integral information about your business, products and services to the public. It helps the readers to know the essential characteristics of a business, and understand the valuable components of a product or service.

Marketing and Advertising

Creating datasheets is beneficial for effective marketing and advertising. Whether you are preparing a datasheet for your business, brand, products and/or service, a datasheet is a great marketing instrument that captures the interest of potential customers, elevating brand awareness. 

Product and Supplier Identification

Datasheets contain details about the components, functions, and usage of a product or service. These sell sheets also indicate information about the supplier of the product as well. This is important to help the consumers be aware about the product and confirm the supplier’s legitimacy. 

Data Visualization

Many companies, organizations, and individuals use electronic datasheets to present vast numeric, graphical or wordy data from a certain product, service or person. Also, these documentation tools guide the people to clearly visualize information about the business, brand, product or service.   

Organization and Assessment

With the use of datasheets, businesses and professionals are able to organize information of their employees, staff and other workers in their organization. These sheets are beneficial in storing and circulating information with the minutest detail, and for comprehensive assessments and evaluations. 


What’s In A Datasheet? Parts?


Write the title your datasheet. Use clear and simple language when writing your datasheet title. This will help your readers know what the datasheet is all about.


Include some subheadings in your datasheet. Subheadings are usually printed in smaller type than the title and it is located below the title.  It adds information about the headline of your datasheet and sets apart different sections of your sell sheet. 


Create a brief and cohesive summary of your product or service function and features. Describe the functionality of your product or service. Use simple words and phrases in this section.


Write the basic specifications of your product or service. Describe what a particular part needs and can do. Explain every part of your product or service in this section. 


Incorporate some compelling images in your document to make your data sheet look attractive and sophisticated in your target audience. Attach some eye-catching photos from your business, or brand. You may use a photo of your product for your sell sheet. 

Business Contact Information

Fill in your business contact details so that you are easily accessible to your prospective clients. Add your phone number, business address, email address, social media links, and/or corporate website. 


How To Design A Datasheet?

  1. Choose a Datasheet Size
  2. Consider the purpose of your datasheet
  3. Select the Datasheet Template
  4. Include the information and specifications
  5. Add colors and other visual elements
  6. Adjust, and revise your visual and text elements if necessary
  7. Finalize and download your datasheet


Datasheet vs. White Paper

A datasheet is an informative document that provides necessary information of businesses, their products, and services.

A white paper is a type of report that specifically informs readers about a complicated topic or problem and presents the best solution regarding the matter. 

What’s the Difference Between a Datasheet, Database, and Manual?

A datasheet is a simple visual model used in marketing and advertising, as well as in project management and comprehensive evaluation for product/service quality improvement of businesses, organizations, and professionals. 

A database is a systematic collection of structured data or information commonly stored in a computer system electronically. 

A manual is a book which contains fundamental guidelines and instructions, especially when operating a specific equipment, machine, or product. 

Datasheet Sizes

Datasheets have different standard sizes both in digital and physical formats. The datasheet size and format are based on the use and purpose of the business, organization, or individual. 

FormatSize in InchesSize in CentimetersSize in Millimeters
Letter (US)8.5 x 1121.59 x 27.94 215.9 x 279.4
Legal (US)8.5 x 1421.59 x 35.56215.9 x 355.6
A48.26 x 11.6921 x 29.7210 x 297
A55.83 x 8.2714.8 x 21148 x 210



Datasheet Ideas & Examples

There are various ways to showcase your creativity when it comes to designing datasheets. Check out the following details for more datasheet ideas and design inspiration.

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How do you write a data sheet?

When writing a data sheet, construct a cohesive summary of the technical product which contains the main features, specifications, relevant performance graphs, and other crucial information that the reader needs to know and understand.

What is a preliminary datasheet?

A preliminary datasheet is a type of data sheet that is often presented to vendors to acquire budget-friendly prices when businesses prepare their detailed cost estimates.

What should a technical data sheet include?

A technical data sheet should include valuable information about a specific product such as the composition of the product, instructional methods of use, operating requirements, general applications, product warnings, and images. 

How to create a datasheet in Excel?

Click the table or query located in the Navigation Pane which contains the data that you need to see on the datasheet form, click More Forms on the Create tab in the Forms group, tap Datasheet, and you may now begin modifying the data in the various fields and records.

What is a datasheet in research?

A datasheet in research is a single-page description of a dataset that gives researchers fundamental information they need to clearly understand how a dataset is associated with their research projects. 

Why do companies use data sheets?

Data sheets are essential for many companies because they help in reducing product return rates, and informing their customers on what they should know to make logical purchasing decisions.

How to write a datasheet for your film?

If you need to write a datasheet for your film, define the title of your film, create a tagline, and list the names of key individuals of your film such as the lead actors/lead actresses or main characters, the director, the producers, the screenwriter, the executive producers, the film production company, the director of photography, the editor, and the original score composer. 

How to Make an Impact with Your Personal Data Sheet?

When preparing an impactful personal data sheet, it should be different, enticing, and unique to your prospective employers, show your interest in the company you are applying to, describe your strengths and weaknesses, and list what you believe the company will be looking for, be honest, include your picture, and the layout must be easy to read and logical in sequence.

What is a business datasheet?

A business datasheet is a type of data instrument that provides a brief summary of the key performance and other technical aspects of one’s company and its products or services.

What is a datasheet in sales?

A datasheet in sales or simply known as a product datasheet or sales sheet is a one-sheet document that provides important information about a certain product or service which includes its primary features, benefits, and pricing.