Billing Invoice Templates

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What Is a Billing Invoice?

A billing invoice is a document that requests payment from clients or customers after a business has provided services or delivered goods.

How to Make a Billing Invoice

Whether you're a  business, independent contractor, freelance, etc., creating a simple invoice is easy. And to help you start creating an invoice with the use of the tips below.

1. Get a Template

If you want to save a lot of time, you can download a blank invoice template. You can pick a template that you need from the collection above. Using a template is a good choice because you can use it as often as you need.

2. Place Branding Elements

Every business invoice needs branding elements. These branding elements are essential to give your invoice an identity. This helps the clients identify where the invoice is from. Aside from that, the branding elements will also leave an impression on clients about your business, so it's essential to keep it professional-looking.

3. Include the Items' Details

Another essential data you need to include on your sample invoice is the services' or goods' you've provided. You have to add the description, quantity, rate per hour, working hours, etc. When you write them, you need to be very specific to avoid problems. Additionally, this will make the clients or customers understand how you came up with the total amount that they must pay you. 

4. Organize the Layout

A basic invoice has to have a well-organized format since the document is a representation of your business. The layout has to be understandable. You also have to group each category accordingly so the clients can quickly read and understand the document. 

5. Write the Payment Details

Since a service invoice or any other invoice is requesting the recipients for payments, you need the details of when and how they can pay. You can set a deadline for the payment and include the payment options the recipient must follow or choose from. Doing this will make your transaction smoother and quicker without hassle.


  • What's another word for invoice?

      Some terms that you can associate with an invoice are sales ticket, bill, sales invoice, statement, and check. 

  • What are the different types of invoices?

      Invoices have different types and functions. We've listed some of the types of invoices below.

      1. Credit Invoice
      2. Proforma Invoice
      3. Commercial invoice
      4. Credit Memo
      5. Final Invoice
      6. Timesheet Invoice
      7. E-invoice
  • What is the difference between a tax invoice and a bill of supply?

      A bill of supply pertains to a document that doesn't contain any tax amount. This transaction signifies that the billed person will not have to pay for taxes. Oppositely, a tax invoice is a transaction document that shows the amount of tax the client has to pay for.

  • What do you mean by invoice?

      An invoice is a transaction document that a business sends its clients to ask for payment. This document includes payment terms, list of services or products given, payable amount, etc.

  • Are bill and invoice the same thing?

      Invoice and bill can mean the same thing or idea. You can use both terms to ask payment from clients after you've provided services or goods to them.