Billing Statement Templates

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Billing is one of the essential financial factors that runs and maintains a business. Without this, there’s a huge possibility that a company will succumb to failure. That is why it is imperative to ensure that the billing process progresses right. There are three stages in the billing process—invoicing, statements, and collection—where invoicing and statements need documentation.

Statements serve as a receipt and a simple reminder to the clients and customers regarding their bills, providing information such as the payment due date, the payable amount, interests, and other necessary fees. If you are looking for one that you can easily use for your organization, then you are in the right place. Scan our extensive collection of printable billing statement templates that you can access using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Apple Pages, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, and other formats.

Our trove of sample statement templates already contains premade tables and sample content, 100% customizable using our new and improved editor tool. There’s also no need for you to manually compute quantities since our templates calculate amounts automatically once placed. All you have to do is download a template and edit it out based on your preferences. It’s convenient and easy. What are you waiting for? Download now and create a professional and comprehensive billing statement for your business right away!


  • What is a billing statement of a credit card?

      A credit card's billing statement contains the amount the client has used from his or her credit card. It also contains the client's transaction details and other crucial information.

  • Is a statement an invoice?

      A statement and an invoice are pretty much the same since they request payment from clients, but they have differences. A statement contains the list of the invoices the client has not paid yet. Oppositely, an invoice contains the list of products or services the client has not paid yet.

  • How often should patients receive a billing statement?

      According to MediRevv, you must send your billing statement every thirty days. 

  • What is a bill date?

      A bill date is the date of the first billing cycle or the gap of time from the last billing from a business to its client. 

  • Can a person go to jail for not paying his or her medical bills?

      According to Oak View Law Group, an individual can't go to jail for not paying his or her medical bills. However, if the person has any lawsuit from an agency for not paying, and he disregards the court order, he or she can go to jail.