Sample Invoice Templates

Are You a Self-Employed Professional or an Independent Contractor in an Engineering Firm or Hotel Construction? Make Payment Invoices Quick and Easy for Your Company Products and/or Services. We Recommend that You Download and Use Our Free Blank Sample Invoices in Excel and Word Templates Here on! See more

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  • Do you want to keep track of your sales and income of your business? Do you find it hard to do invoicing to all of the payments and bills you have received? Are you working as a self-employed type of business and are having difficulties in making a formal invoice or sales invoice? You have come to the right site because we have the professional templates you are looking for! We have here Sample Invoice Templates that are 100% customizable that can be edited easily according to the details you want it to be. Compatible in best formats like Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word, Numbers, Pages, and Editable PDF. Download our accessible and convenient templates today!

    What Is a Sample Invoice?

    A sample invoice is a document or a receipt like paper with a detailed list of the purchased item and its cost issued by the service provider. The commercial invoice also indicates the way of payment or payment terms that the seller wants the customer to do. An invoice is proof that a customer owes something to the seller. The invoice before is a document that will be snail-mailed to the buyer, but nowadays the service provider can request the payments through online by using electronic invoice.

    How to Create a Sample Invoice

    An invoice is usually divided into three sections, the header, body, and footer. It requires a lot of thinking about what important details you need to place in your invoice to make it look as legal and formal as your business. You need to make it in the proper standard and format so that your customer will not mistake your invoice as a receipt. To make your invoice correct and professionally written, we provided steps for you to follow in making your own.

    1. Business Information

    The company that is responsible for sending the simple invoice should indicate its information on the invoice. The basic information that is needed will be the company name, address, and contact information. You can also add the company logo design for branding. If it is a self-employed business, your complete name and contact information are also needed.

    2. Client Information

    The information of the person you will be sending the invoice also needs to be in the invoice. This is to ensure that you are sending the invoice to the right person. The client's full name, address or the shipping address, and the contact number needs to be there.

    3. Item Details

    Of course, the detailed description of the items that are involved in the transaction needs to be written on the service invoice. The complete product description of goods or the services provided should be indicated along with the unit price and total amount of each item. Do not also forget the quantity and the item number so that it will be easier for you when you do your inventory.

    4. Payment Details

    This will be the most important detail that should not be missed. You need to write first the total of all the items purchased. Next is you need to place the total along with the corresponding tax and if there are any discounts or fees on the item, then include it. Also, indicate the schedules and methods of payment that you allow. Remember that the more choice of the payment method the faster the transaction will be done.

    5. Other Data

    To make your job easier when you want to track down the client or when you do the inventory, indicating the date issued, due date, and the tax invoice number is the solution. This three information will help you track a particular client and to remind you of the duration of payment.