Business Vouchers Pages Templates

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How to Create a Business Voucher in Apple Pages

Business vouchers can be categorized as a type of paper generally used for business transactions. Basically, this type of document contains relevant information to properly record both the amounts payable and the goods or services received by the company. Aside from that, business vouchers also offer discounts to every transaction people make. We know this may sound difficult to make, but we hope we can be of great help to you in making one using Apple Pages. As we all know, pages can be a powerful tool that will surely help us create awesome documents, like the business voucher. We make use of the resources as it is made available for everyone. As a guide, here are some easy steps for you.

1. What Business Voucher You Intend to Create

Vouchers have different forms. You have to make a little research to find out what kind of transaction you are going to make. As important as it should be, you need to understand how it works and be familiar with the details in the business voucher. If you do, it would be easy for you to follow the next steps.

2. What It Offers

While business vouchers offer various discounts, you have to choose only one. Are you going to make a sale voucher or referral one? Decide your pick that fits the company best. The voucher should basically serve its purpose. Offer discount coupons that would definitely attract people. Have a little time to think, then decide. 

3. Edit Appropriate Details

We know how difficult it is to start making one from scratch; however, that is no longer a problem. All you have to do is find ready-made business voucher templates in Apple Pages formats online, and you just have to edit the details needed. Since it is easily editable and readily customizable, it is hassle-free. We made them all easy and perfect for you. Awesome, isn’t it?

4. Layout and Make It Your Own

Generally, the voucher has a standard size of 3 in × 11 in. Although the size is fixed, you can always decide according to your own choice. Do you prefer to have one in portrait or landscape orientation? Decide and make it something yours. There’s no problem with it. 

5. Make a Draft

Drafting is sometimes a good way to make it all yours. You can decide what picture, color, or design to put in your voucher. You can also add important details that you forgot while you are editing the appropriate details, like the expiry date, and the terms and conditions. Might as well highlight the very important detail of your voucher—the discount! With all these, it can increase people’s awareness of your company. You can probably entice more customers.  

6. Make Your Finishing Touches

Before printing it or posting it on your website, finalize your modern voucher. Check everything and change if you find some errors or mistakes. If you’re all set, then you’re now ready for your big day ahead. Good luck!