It's no surprise that people find it hard to draft a business proposal, but there's actually a way around it that will still allow you to write one impressively. Here in, you can freely choose from our wide variety of ready-made Business Proposal Templates in Pages. Each template contains an effective and functional layout and design that makes it easy to use and edit for your convenience. Apart from that, these templates are also 100% customizable and easily editable in Apple Pages, you can choose whether to keep the pre-rendered text and graphics or to use different ones. Subscribe to any of our templates now to ensure that your business proposals get approved when you present it to your clients.

What Is a Business Proposal?

A business proposal is a written business document that's presented to potential buyers to inform them about the products and how much they cost. A solicited brochure can either be formally or informally solicited, with the former referring to those written in response to published requirements and the latter simply resulting from an agreement between a buyer and a seller. Unsolicited business proposals, on the other hand, simply refer to marketing brochures and are usually considered generic and have no direct connection to the customer's needs.

How to Create Business Proposals in Apple Pages

In the world of sales and marketing, effective business proposals are in demand because it helps in selling the establishment's products or services. If you’re having a hard time drafting a business proposal, simply refer to the straightforward tips provided below.

1. Gathering Enough Information

The first and probably the most essential step in drafting a sales proposal is to gather enough information for the content. Learn about your customers, the project itself, the problems that you will likely encounter, the solutions to these problems, and a rough estimation of the costs. Considering that those details can help you in promoting your brand, be sure to gather them before proceeding to the more technical aspects.

2. Use a Business Proposal Template

With a huge selection of ready-made proposal templates offered by our website, you've got more than enough options for creating your business proposal. Among our selections are templates for creating IT proposals, branding proposals, cleaning proposals, marketing proposals, etc. Each template is made available for every entrepreneur and professional, they can also be used by big and small businesses alike. On top of that, these templates also contain pre-formatted content to help you determine where to put your text and images.

3. Knowing Your Objectives Well

Knowing your objectives is key to effectively draft a business proposal. To do just that, you have to identify the purpose of your proposal and how it can answer to the problems of your prospective buyers or customers. Actively doing research and getting into details of the subject matter will help you identify these details, but know that there are differences between objectives and goals that you might not be aware of.

4. Outline Your Proposal and Estimate the Cost

Before proceeding to write the actual material, be sure to create a proposal outline to summarize the content but still retain its informative nature. As your reference, your outline should answer the who, what, why, when, where, and how questions that are related to the project. Also, your business proposal should indicate an estimation of the overall costs of the project, although you may be allowed to write this in a separate estimate sheet.

5. Start Writing the Plan

Once you're done identifying the necessary details and preparing an outline of the proposal, you can start writing the actual version of it using Apple Pages. Before you begin printing your business proposal, set aside a few minutes to review your work to see if it is well-formatted and the content is correct. Afterward, you can finally print your proposal and present it to your client.

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