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How to Make Business Flyers in Apple Pages

Nowadays, startup businesses, small businesses, and even well-established businesses invest heavily in printing ad materials like flyers in the hopes of attracting dozens or maybe hundreds of customers. Businesses take this "high-risk high-reward" challenge in the hopes of getting a return of just a small percentage of interested customers. Compared to brochures, flyers are less expensive, widely distributed, creative, and an "old school" type of marketing. As a matter of fact, Medium Corporation (US) stated in their article, that flyer distribution is one of the oldest methods of marketing used up to this day. Even though it's one of the oldest, it still proves a lot more effective compared to online marketing strategies.

If you're on the process of developing business flyers but you don't know where to start and where to begin, then you have visited the right website for you. Provided below are several guide steps on how you can create professional and creative business flyers that best represents your branding company.

1. Specify Its Purpose

Flyer-making usually starts by specifying, determining, and identifying its purpose, the purpose as to why the flyer is developed in the first place. Is it for marketing purposes? advertising? promoting? The answer depends on your needs. The purpose will serve as your basis on should you conceptualize a design for your flyer and how should you create its content.

2. Choose a Flyer Size

When it comes to flyer sizes, your options are limited. It's either you change things up or you follow the industry standard size of 8.5 x 11 inches. Choose a size that is according and proper to your flyer. For instance, if you are going to create a business event flyer, opt to use the standard size that gives you a bigger space so that you can include and state in it all the important event details.

3. Develop Its Content

One of the most important elements of a flyer is its content. Aside from its attractive flyer layouts and graphics, an informative and customer engaging flyer content can also get the job done for you. Develop a content that is related to the flyers theme. For example, if you are developing flyers for company announcement purposes such as business workshops, business training, and business promotions, make sure that its content is relevant to that.

4. Make Use of Ready-Made Templates

If you're having a hard time conceptualizing a design background for your business flyer making, then make use of ready-made flyer templates. Templates can be more advantageous for you because they are pre-formatted already with standard fonts, appealing designs, and made available for you in standard paper sizes which makes it print-ready and convenient to use.

5. Edit It With the Help of Apple Pages

After choosing a design template that fits perfectly to your business flyer making, its now time to customize it out with the help of Apple Pages. This software is not just a typical word processor but can also be a page layout application. It allows you to transform blank documents into a more appealing one with the help of its editing and imaging tools.

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