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How To Create A Termination Letter In Google Docs

You might feel the need to terminate an employee from his/her job, a business partnership, a business agreement, or anything; you'll need to formulate and send a termination letter. Sending the recipient a termination letter is a way to notify the end of the association of both parties formally. Securing a copy of a termination letter can act as an attestation for when disputes would arise.

For that reason, we're here to give you some pointers in formulating your termination letter for different occasions. However, when desperate times call for drastic measures, you may try downloading one of our letter templates above which you can access through Google Docs.

1. Prepare To Write The Letter

Preparation and research is the key when formulating your termination letter. Identify the other party and research about them and review the contract or agreement between the parties. By researching you'll be able to identify contract clauses to which the other party might have violated. With preparation and research, you can establish reasonable grounds for the termination.

2. Write The Header And Salutation

Now that you're prepared to write a termination letter, open your computer, go to your browser, and lookup Google Docs. Use Google Docs when writing letters because you'll be able to access your document through your mobile phone or computer. Afterward, compose the header of your letter. Since you are writing a business letter, you have to write your letter in full block format. That means that your header and all the elements in your letter needs to be on the left side. The header should consist of the name, address, phone number, and email of both parties.

After the header is the salutation, also known as greeting. The most common salutation used in business letters is "Dear."

3. Expound The Reason For The Dismissal

Write a short introductory statement before you dive into the reason as to why you want to terminate the contract. Just like any formal letters, like cover letters, a termination letter needs to be brief and straightforward. Specify why there is a need for immediate termination. Cite the reason and the effective date so that the recipient will understand why you need to do so.

4. Provide Further Information

You may add other details on your termination letter. Such details are the severance pay, the return of company property, and the non-disclosure agreement. You may also offer the other party to write a recommendation.

You can also provide your contact information if the other party wants to contact you with his/her concerns.

5. Review And Send The Letter

Lastly, review your termination letter. Check if you left out any necessary detail or if some sentences are vague. Make sure you left a space for the signatures above your full name just like any business letters. If you think you're done proofreading, produce your termination letter and mail it.

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