How to Make a Corporate Meeting Minutes in Google Docs

With plenty of important details in an official organization meeting, taking meeting minutes is the alternative way to cover them all up. You can do this through smart note taking, audio recording, and more. But, even though you have enough data collected, you need to follow some protocols in making one. Want to know what are those? Here are some tips that you can follow in making your corporate meeting minutes.

1. Make an Outline

There are meeting presentations where it just gone by so fast that you are unable to take note of it. To be prepared with your note taking, you need to make sure that you an outline according to the meeting agenda. Render spaces between your outline for note-taking purposes.

2. Start with Action Review

Now that you have your reference, you need to start your meeting minutes with your action review. Write the action review from the last meeting and the summary of the resolution. But, if the action has been completed, do not bother to include it into your document. Instead, make a notice by including a statement that the action has been resolved.

3. Lay out Document Actions and Owners

After the action review, you need to list the actions and the person responsible for them. Include the names of the person responsible for the task, the summary of the action, when the action is completed, and how the action is executed. Present it in a tabular form.

4. Include the Attendance

One of the main purposes of a corporate meeting is to gather employees to establish a business relationship. With that, you need to take note who attended the meeting and who sent apologies. In that way, the distribution of the meeting minutes would be more organized and convenient.

5. Indicate Attachments

If it is necessary to attach some documents to your business meeting minutes, do not hesitate to do so. If the presenters used online presentation, you can indicate the link of it. You can also snap some photos out of the presentation and include it into your printed meeting minutes. In that way, those who failed to attend the meeting would have a visual idea as to how the meeting went.

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