Whatever you call them—corporate receptionist, company secretary, or customer support specialist—their main duty is to serve as the face of an establishment. Why? Because they’re the visitor’s first point of contact. A visitor’s first impression greatly relies on how well they are being welcomed by the receptionist. If you have impressive customer service skills, then you might be a great fit for this type of job. Here, we have a selection of Desk Receptionist Cover Letter Templates to showcase to employers your skills and experience. Make an impactful first impression by subscribing to our professionally written cover letter templates!

What Is a Desk Receptionist Cover Letter?

A desk receptionist cover letter is a formal letter that a candidate uses to secure a receptionist position in an establishment. Submitted together with a resume, this elegant letter provides recruiters with an outlook of the candidate’s skills and work experience.

How to Write a Desk Receptionist Cover Letter

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US had around 1,057,370 receptionists and clerks in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Additionally, they projected that this number will grow to as much as 5% by 2028. If you’re planning to work as a desk receptionist, expect to have a lot of other people vying for the job like you are. One way to stand out is by writing an eye-catching cover letter, and we have guidelines below to help you out.

1. Gather Details about the Hiring Company

When you plan to apply for a job, you don’t just hand in your papers without getting acquainted with the company. Make it a habit to gather details about the hiring company, details such as the names of the hiring manager, CEO, and other high-ranking people. This will give the impression that you care not only for the job but also for the people you are working for.

2. Check the Job Advertisement Posted by the Company

Apart from getting acquainted with the office staff, you also need to check the details written on the job description. This will help you in tailoring both your letter and resume according to its details. Aside from that, checking the job ad will help you determine if this is indeed the right job for you.

3. Write a List of Your Skills and Achievements

Part of cover letters is a section or paragraph where you mention skills and achievements that make you a better candidate than others. However, some of these may not be relevant to the job, or it may make you sound too desperate. So, play it safe by making a list first before writing your letter.

4. Introduce Yourself and Showcase Your Skills

Choose whether to use Word, Pages, or Google Docs to write your letter and then start introducing yourself. The first paragraph of your letter should briefly explain who you are and where you found out about the job vacancy. And then in the second paragraph, you can start adding in your key competencies and relevant work experience.

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