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How to Write an Editor Cover Letter?

An editor cover letter is a letter that summarizes your skills as an editor and submitted to publishing houses and production companies. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 118,300 editors in America. That huge number alone is a tally of all the editors across the country. But that doesn't mean you can't try applying for the editorial position. Write an editor cover letter to state your interest. If you need some ideas, read our tips below.

1. Have a Smooth Introduction

A good introduction really matters. State your name and how did you learn about the job vacancy. You can say that you knew about the vacancy online or from a poster.

2. Highlight Your Skills

Focus on your skills when writing this part of the letter. If you're applying for a newspaper, journal, or magazine editor, highlight your excellent grammar and editing skills. Aside from the technical skills, tell the management why you're the perfect employee for the position.

3. Describe Achievements

To properly back up your skills in the previous paragraph, give the recruiter a short overview of your achievements in your previous work. You can also include what you currently do in your present job if you have any.

4. End Properly

Always wrap up your letter with a positive and encouraging tone. Never forget to put your contact information if you want to get updates from them. Tell them that you're looking forward to hear from them in the future. Keep it simple and straightforward.

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