The workforce is one of the core assets of a company. That is why it is important for an organization to conduct a thorough strategic plan communication from time to time regarding them. Discussions in connection with employee management help a certain business entity achieve various goals, including effective performance management and the need for an ideal environment. To constructively tackle your plans involving your manpower, you are going to need a creative visual presentation. And, a mind map is just the thing you need. Take a peek on our collection of Employee Mind Map Templates in Apple Pages! It consists of beautifully designed, 100% customizable, and printable mind map documents that are pre-formatted for any employee-related undertakings. Just by subscribing to our plan, you can have total access and control on each variant. So, what are you still waiting for? Subscribe now!

What Is an Employee Mind Map?

An employee mind map is a graphic presentation that elaborates on an employee-related plan, using both text and visual elements. The “2017 Mind Mapping Software Trends Survey” by Chuck Frey has found out that software products specialized in mind mapping have been highly beneficial among users. According to the survey’s top five results, 18.1% of the users experienced an enhanced comprehension over some complicated matters. In contrast, 12.1% of them have faced easy note-taking on the discussions’ major points. The three remaining top benefits as experienced by users are composed of clear and fast-paced thinking (10.7%), better management (10.2%), and coherence (6.5%).

How to Create an Employee Mind Map

Knowing that there are mind mapping software products and templates available on the internet, many would become overconfident in getting their task done. Little did they know, thorough preparation is needed to avoid making their graphic presentation ineffective. For you to be adequately ready, we have set detailed guidelines that you can refer to. You can learn more below.

1. Identify Employee Plan

Identify what your company’s employee plan focuses on. Your determined subject is crucial, for it will be used as the central concept of your visual presentation.

2. Brainstorm With Your Team

Gather as many ideas as you can for your planned mind map document. Do this together with your team to increase your chances of producing a complete output.

3. Pick and Organize Ideas

After collecting ideas from your colleagues, lay these thoughts on the table to be carefully scrutinized, picked, and organized. Make sure only to select the most relevant ones and match them according to their relation, afterward. Appropriate selection and organization of these points help you in making your work clear.

4. Acquire Visual Necessities

Visual elements, like images, icons, shapes, colors, and typefaces, must also be prepared in advance. For the first two, always remember to grab only those that best represent your picked ideas. Images and icons with corporate essence are highly recommended.

5. Conceptualize and Draft Your Design

Plan what your mind map would look like. You can base it on your outline of ideas. After envisioning, create a sketch of your prepared items’ positioning on your Apple Pages’s blank page. Keep in mind that simplicity plays an important role in any formal illustrations. So, make sure not to bombard a single page with unnecessary materials.

6. Actualize, Evaluate, and Redesign

With your sketch already set up, place your chosen elements according to your plan. Upon completion, preliminarily present your output, whether to your team or manager and ask for suggestions on how to make it better. Redesigning it with the application of your accepted recommendations finishes your task.

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