Employment contracts are what bind an employee to the employer officially. This ensures a good and well-established relationship between the two. As it equally benefits both parties, it must be written out of absolute professionalism and exactness. Nonetheless, beginning from scratch can be a time-consuming and strenuous issue. Confide with our Free Ready-Made Employment Contract Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages! It’s ready-made, numerously calibrated by our in-house industry experts, providing you an enforceable employment contract. All are easily editable for your certain requirements and instantly printable for your added time-saving benefit. Yours for lifetime use, save time and avoid possible conflict with your new hires by getting our exclusive products now!

How to Write an Employment Contract in Apple (MAC) Pages

Composing an employment contract, otherwise known as a job contract, requires an in-depth level of specificities. As this goes equally beneficial to the employers and employees, all matters within the employment must be stated clearly and concretely in the document. Moreso, it is the prior responsibility of the employer to have it tailored accordingly before letting it read and signed by the employee. While crafting such might be a meticulous task, we have prepared you our comprehensive key points in writing an effective and liable employment contract. Check our well-researched guidelines below.

1. Write Plainly and Comprehensively

The first thing to remind yourself of drafting your employment contract is to write it in the most basic and easily understood language. When once read, there should be at least little to no misconceptions and ambiguity. Make use of simple language, uncomplicated sentence structures, and self-explanatory delivery. Though, it will still be your duty as an employer to have it thoroughly discussed to the employee before letting him or her sign it. For your first draft, allow yourself to write freely as you want. Later on, review your employment contract’s words and assess if much you can revise it to a simpler form. This way, you can save time compared to writing and editing at the same time. Also, when there are particular terminologies with unique definitions within your company, e.g. perks, bonuses, policies, elaborate it down and discuss carefully.

2. Declare All The Specifics

Your employment contract will define the role of a particular employee in the company. Hence, it should declare all his or her role obligations and other terms and conditions vividly. There are many matters you should tackle within your employment contract. Primarily, describe clearly his or her general job responsibilities. Listing it through bullet points is strongly recommended as it helps you and your employee read through the details easily. You should essentially include as well his or her duty shift, salary/terms of waging, contributions/deductions, duration of his or her employment, employment status, terms of termination, and others, depends on your unique contract. Remember, no matter how obvious a matter can be, state it still to the employment contract.

3. Align with State Laws

No matter how unique your company can be, enforcing your own policies and procedures within, you, as the employer, and the company is still under the jurisdiction of your particular country. Thus, all your unique implementation must be accordingly aligned with your current state laws. This will help your employment contract safeguard both parties. Always take a keen observance of your state laws to avoid possible future disputes and complications, which can be a major expenditure.

4. Consult with A Lawyer

In the corporate world, double-checking certain documents with a labor lawyer is highly a must. If your company has a resident lawyer, that’s good. If not, they are easy to contact. Reach to them and have your employment contract reviewed. In some areas, they are more specialized to look into that. This is to uphold and ensure the utmost validity of your employment contract.

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