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Create a Professional Brochure Design, and Hire the Perfect Match. Choose Any Fillable Template and Edit the Freelancer Name, Headline, Tagline, Services Description, Images, Photos, Summary, Background, Vector, Illustration, and Contact Information. Customize and Print Online for Free at See more

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Choose any free Trifold or Bifold Brochure Layout with original content included so that you can easily create a brochure outline for promoting your freelance services. Or, find a sample Freelance Studio Brochure you can use to create job postings for a freelance graphic designer position, freelance writing work, professional outsourced remote work, or other freelance work positions. Each professional Brochure Design Sample is printable in a4 size and editable for free.

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Create a freelance job posting the easy way. Easily promote your freelance services with! For a quick start, browse our template library and select any free, fully customizable Freelancer Brochure Layout. Available in blank, modern, and digital Brochure Mockups, our selection offers you a unique array of template choices. Pick a free template and make free edits to detail the expected freelance tasks. Whether you are creating a Brochure Design to attract clients and promote freelance work, or hire the perfect match of graphic design and web development professionals, our free editor tool gives you all the features you need to create a professionally customized Freelancer Brochure Outline suitable for your freelancer hiring goals or service promotions. After editing, print and download your work for free in PDF or PNG. 


  • What are the uses of brochures?

      1. To introduce people to a company or business.
      2. To promote products and services to an audience.
      3. To educate readers on certain benefits.
      4. To provide prospects with firsthand feedback from fellow consumers.
  • What are the advantages of using brochures?

      1. Brochures are both easy and inexpensive to make and distribute.
      2. Brochures are capable of holding a lot of information.
      3. Brochures help build the credibility of a business or organization.
  • What are the types of brochures?

      1. Bifold or half-fold brochure - This type of brochure is perfect for simple presentations.
      2. Trifold brochure - This is also perfect for simple presentations, but its 3 panels make segregating the content into sections much easier.
      3. Gatefold brochure - This type is great for presenting your content through creative designs and impressive visuals.
      4. Z-fold brochure - Works the same way as the trifold type, but the content is arranged differently because of how it’s folded.
  • How many freelancers are there in the United States?

      According to Statista, there are around 64.8 million freelancers in the US in 2020. Additionally, it is expected that the number of freelancers will reach 79.6 million after 5 years.

  • How much are freelancers earning?

      According to CNBC, freelancers earn an average salary of $28 per hour. When compared to the hourly salaries of average US employees, freelancers actually earn around 70% more.