One major reason why many people prefer to work as a freelancer is because of full flexibility. Freelance workers have complete control over their pace and schedule that people choose convenience over higher salaries. If you are trying to hire freelancers make elegant brochures as a creative ad or a job hiring tool. Instead of making one from scratch, why not take advantage of our beautifully designed Freelancer Brochure Templates? These ready-made products come with high-quality content and graphic design that is easily customizable and printable. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Save your time and effort by choosing our samples. Subscribe now to start downloading!

How to Make a Freelancer Brochure?

Brochures, in general, are printed and folded reading materials that businesses and organizations use for promotional purposes. A freelancer brochure is the same, but its content focuses specifically on freelance agencies and job ads. According to data shown on Forbes, between 2014 and 2019, there has been a growth of 4 million freelancers in the US. If you have important crucial to convey about freelance jobs, why not do it through brochures? We have guidelines below to help you make one.

1. Specify the Purpose

A freelancer brochure can either be a recruitment tool to hire freelancers, or it can also be a promotional notice to interested freelancers. Which of the two are you planning to create? Be sure to identify the purpose of your brochure specifically to avoid misinforming readers.

2. Decide on a Brochure Type

Brochures come in various forms depending on how much content you’re presenting to your audience. The two most common types are the bifold and trifold brochures. There are actually other types aside from those two, and you can learn more about them in the FAQ section below.

3. Make an Attention-Grabbing Cover Page

Unlike flyers and posters that give away everything right off the bat, brochures come with a cover page before laying out the main content. This serves as the make-or-break element of the brochure. By making your cover page appealing, you’re more likely to draw public attention which is one step closer to getting the message across.

4. Keep Your Contents Arranged Neatly

For the inner panels of your brochure, don’t throw in the details without even organizing them. Start with a brief background of the company before proceeding to the features or main ideas. Make use of your brochure’s various panels to organize the content in a logical order.

5. Don’t Forget to Include a Call-to-Action

If there’s one thing that you should never forget to include in any of your marketing materials, it’s the CTA to complement your contact information. This simple element is very effective in informing readers on what to do after reading through your brochure.

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