Freelancer Policy Templates

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How to Develop a Freelancer Policy?

A freelancer policy is a set of specific regulations and guidelines that a freelancer and a client must follow. A policy can be about freelancer refund, dispute, or payment. The HR Daily Advisor says that creating employee-friendly workplace policies isn't only for employees, but also for freelancers.

Create a professional and efficient policy document with the tips below. 

1. Be Specific about the Policy

Before you start, ensure that you know what kind of policy you need. Identify your goals first and examine what policy you should make. Is it a payment policy, a privacy policy, or others? Then, identify if you need to create a simple policy in the first place. Also, don't forget to recognize when you will need to use it. 

2. Identify the Consequences

Sometimes, the other party may break a sample policy guideline. To steer away from this, you need to provide consequences of not following it. Consequences can motivate positive behavior from both parties. They will be prompted to abide by the rules and not break them.

3. Involve the Other Party

If you're the only one developing the document, make sure to involve the other party. The other party can be a client or a freelance writer. Involving the other party makes the person feel that he or she's important in the development process and will most likely follow it.

4. Be Reasonable

Like a freelance contract and agreement, a policy has to be reasonable, too. When the rules are sensible, both parties will abide peacefully by the policies. The guidelines have to enforce positivity and not the other way around. Your policy needs to create an organized and tranquil work environment.

5. Use Simple Language

Using the right language in your management policy is a must. Both parties will read it anyway. It's your job to use simple words and make it comprehensive. Never use terms that need an explanation from others to make the reader understand.


  • Do freelancers need contracts?

      Contracts protect freelancers from any possible troubles along the way while working with clients. So, when you're a freelancer, you should have a contract with each individual or company you're working with. Your contract should contain all the agreements you've made with the other party and what you expect from each other.

  • Are freelancers considered self-employed?

      Freelancers are self-employed individuals who aren't working for a company or an organization. They pay their taxes as business owners. 

  • Is freelance full-time?

      Freelance can be a full-time job. Full-time freelancers work 30 hours or more weekly. They manage their own work, client relationship, and schedules.

  • What are the three types of public policy?

      The public policy has three types. Check them out below.

      1. Facilitating Policy
      2. Regulatory Policy
      3. Restrictive Policy
  • Which freelance work is best?

      There are different freelance work that you might be interested in. The list below contains some of the most demanded freelance jobs that may fit your skills.

      1. Web Developer
      2. Mobile Developer
      3. Transcriptionist
      4. Virtual Assistant
      5. Writer 
      6. Graphic Designer
      7. Editor
      8. Web Designer
      9. Photographer
      10. Social Media Coordinator
      11. Game Developer