Freelancer Checklist Templates

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Are you a freelancer and occupied with your self-sustained business? If yes, we knowhow many responsibilities that you have on your head. Thus, to help you manage all of that, we’ve prepared a collection of Freelancer Checklist Templates. These samples are all effective for a better management and strategic execution of each task that you have. Keep track of your tasks and obligations with our professional samples. These samples are 100% customizable and printable. These also contain relevant and quality content that would help you save more time in making this. Don't think or wait anymore and subscribe to start downloading now!

How to Make a Freelancer Checklist?

Investopedia explains that independent workers have their unique concerns while working. Because of this, a freelancer checklist helps as a management tool. Whether you’re freelancing as a writer or a website designer, a decent checklist comes in surprisingly handy.

Setting up a checklist is simple, however, if you’re looking for a professional one, then go ahead and check out our tips right below!

1. Use a Grid Table

Part of what makes using a checklist appealing is its easy readability. To achieve this, use an application with grid table functionality. Some good options are spreadsheet programs like MS Excel, Google Sheets, etc. However, there are also certain word-processing applications that have similar features. For example, in Google Docs, you can go to Insert > Table to add and edit a table in the document. Whichever software you choose, remember that a grid table is your checklist sheet’s primary body.

2. Add Details

When you design a checklist for your freelance work, it’s advisable that you log all the crucial information in it. At the top of your document, write down a simple yet informative title like “Orders for June Clients” or “Commission Detail Requirements.” Don’t forget about giving your title a sizeable font.

Besides the title, add a deadline or timeline for completing all of the works. This way, you’ll keep yourself motivated and reminded about fulfilling your obligations.

3. Summarize Your Checklist’s Items

It’s inevitable that we forget details about our tasks, especially when there’s a lot to keep track of. Thus, when writing down the entries in your checklist, reserve one column for describing the nature of each work. This is also good for reminding you of specific parameters about an item (like what to do and what not to do).  Make a schedule to complete each work. Also, include a column of cells for checking off each completed entry in the checklist.

4. Improving Your Freelancer Checklist’s Efficiency

There are various things you can do in making your checklist more efficient. For example, color-code your checklist’s cells for segregating categories. Another thing for consideration is formatting the alignment, color, and size of the text. Even inserting pictures is good if you need some visual aid. Plan out everything before executing any idea on paper to go strategically while making the document.

Now that you’ve read through our tips, creating a checklist is now easier and faster for your freelance career! And, if you want to save even more time with making your checklist, then feel free to download our Freelancer Checklist Templates!


  • What are the primary types of checklists?

      1. Procedural checklists
      2. Communication checklists
      3. Project checklists
  • What are the basic components of a checklist?

      When creating a checklist, there are several primary components that go into it. These are the item names, the checkboxes, and item descriptions.

  • What are some non-spreadsheet programs I can use for making a freelancer checklist?

      If you prefer using a word processor for making a freelancer checklist, then some good choices are MS Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages.

  • What are some good examples of freelance work?

      1. Accounting
      2. Teaching or tutoring
      3. Proofreading
      4. Graphic design
  • What are some useful skills and qualities for a freelancer?

      1. Self-reliance
      2. Time management
      3. Interpersonal development
      4. Communication