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How to Create a Freelancer Rack Card?

Freelancer rack cards are advertising tools that freelancers use to market themselves or their work. Usually, you can leave these in a pediatrician's office, guest ranch, convenience store, or restaurant where you can find a massive number of people.

In 2018, around 56.7 million Americans were self-employed in freelancing, according to Forbes. This data can only mean that the freelancing community has grown. And to continue growing in the industry, every freelancer has to utilize an advertising medium, like a rack card, to make more profit. Ready to create a useful rack card that can skyrocket your freelance advertising? Then, read the tips we've cited below.

1. Use Striking Designs

A rack card doesn't need much graphics. Still, most of the time, you have to add in some complementary colors and various typography. Pick the colors that suit you and your brand. You can use radiant, neutral, or jazzy shades on the card design.

For typography, select no more than three kinds of it to make it look neat, similar to how you would for a postcard. Carefully pick the styles that are legible and appropriate for the graphic design.

2. Paste Pictures

Do you know that people are more likely to remember images than words? Apart from this fact, pictures are also memorable for audiences. Thus, put your best sample rack card photo and make sure that its relevant to the content.

3. Present Your Services

As you know, your freelance services are excellent, and that is why you have clients. So, itemize your facilities on the card, like how you would list them on a card brochure or flyer.

4. Use a Strong Call to Action

Nothing is better than urging the audience to contact you and putting strong Call-to-Action (CTA). Most CTAs are victorious in encouraging people to follow what they wish to convey. This is the result of short and persuasive verbs in a simple rack card.

5. Don't Forget a Great Headline

A headline is a must-have in an editable or minimalist rack card. You're supposed to keep it short, specific, and straightforward. It also has to contain a summary of what you can do as a freelancer. Are you going to solve a particular problem? Do you suggest people try your services? Every headline is different. Thus, find your purpose and write it down.

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