Getting freelance work is always an option when you don't earn enough from your office job. However, you need the necessary skills and connections if you want to get into this field. Clueless on where to start? Our Freelance Proposal Templates are here to help you get that job. The templates have original content that enables you to outline your services and experience in a comprehensive way. They're 100% editable and customizable, so you don't have to worry about writing from scratch. The templates are also downloadable and printable. Start your freelance career by downloading our templates today! 

What Is a Freelance Proposal?

A freelance proposal is a document that freelancers write to their prospective clients. It contains the terms and conditions of the job, breakdown of payment, reasons why you fit the job, etc.

How to Write a Freelance Proposal

Forbes said that as of 2019, there are 57 million freelance workers in the US. With most businesses shifting to online operations, the demand for freelance has grown really well. If you're a freelancer and you're looking for a project to work on, you need a proposal to convince the client to get you for the job.

Read our tips below in writing a freelance proposal.

1. Make an Impression

The very key to make a client read your proposal is through making a lasting impression. Briefly introduce yourself and what you do. You can also tell your client where you learned about the job vacancy and express your intention of working in the said position.

2. Showcase Strengths

Whether it's a data entry, graphic design, or a content writing job, the client needs to know your strengths as a worker. State your skills and educational background. Convince the client by telling him why you're the best candidate for the job.

3. Include Samples

Attach some of the outputs of your previous work to your proposal for the client to see. A huge part of his decision to hire you lies on these samples.

4. Give a Breakdown

One essential part of your proposal is the breakdown of your payment. A quotation price is also advisable. Your rate always depends on your experience in the industry. Give a reasonable price for your services. Include discounts and taxes if there are any.

5. Encourage a Response

Tell the client that you're looking forward to working with them and you're willing to answer whatever question they have regarding your sample proposal. Leave your contact information to get updates.

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