Communication is the key to a well-established relationship between a freelancer and the client. And usually, a remarkable exchanging of ideas happen during a meeting. Another crucial requirement in a professional meeting is recording it through meeting minutes. Meeting minutes will be a useful reminder, progress tracker, and agreement recorder. So, be ahead of the curve with this convenient stack of Freelancer Meeting Minutes Templates. You can easily edit each of these templates and save time. Each is professionally made and has suggestive headings. It has all you need! Get one template now!

How to Create a Freelancer Meeting Minutes?

HOK, a design and architecture firm, found out 73% of meetings only have two to four people present. Speaking of meetings, a freelancer and a client need to discuss details for their project in a meeting. You can discuss assigning workloads, progress reports, or schedules.

Aside from discussions, it would be best if you also recorded what you've tackled. Recording happens using meeting tools like a voice recorder or a meeting minutes document for transcription. A freelancer meeting minutes refers to the accurate details of what you've talked about in a meeting.

Chances are, you're preparing for a freelancer meeting for tomorrow or the next day. So, we've gathered excellent tips to help you with your meeting minutes.

1. Record the Meeting Details

Always start your formal or informal meeting minutes by recording the freelancer meeting details. The details we're talking about here are the meeting name, venue, date, and time because they are relevant. You will need these on your meeting checklist to differentiate a meeting from others.

2. List the Meeting Attendees

When it comes to meetings, attendance is a must. But there are days when some attendees can't attend. So, have a record of those who are present and aren't around. Get your sign-in sheet and let the present individuals write. Then, after the meeting, check who is absent.

3. Write the Agenda

Meeting agendas are essential because they are the items that you need to accomplish during a meeting. Most likely, the board prepares the agenda before the meeting starts. If that happens, you may ask for it and list them on your meeting document.

4. Document the Action Items

Usually, different action items arise during a meeting. Since you can't rely on your memories to remember each, it's best to document them. As the recorder, be as specific as you can and write beside each action item its relevant information. This means you have to write the responsible person for the action item and its deadline for the business meeting minutes.

5. Focus on the Vital Details

In taking down notes for the freelance meeting, you don't need to record it word-by-word. Instead, you have to be all ears and only register the crucial details. Writing every single word each member said isn't only time-consuming, but isn't really necessary unless it's a verbatim meeting type.

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