Freelancer Statement Templates

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Freelancing is the job where you are at the driver's seat since you're not working independently. But it's also essential to consider that as the freelancer, you have to create your own statements. Statements are useful in tracking and recording a project's details. You can also use it to track your finances. If you think creating this from scratch is not for you, select from our high-quality plethora of Freelancer Statement Templates! These are 100% editable, printable, and have relevant content. What are you waiting for? Download one now!

What Is a Freelancer Statement?

A freelancer statement can mean different things. It can be a statement of work (SOW), personal statement, income statement, capability statement, financial statement, or job statement. Freelancers use or create these statements for data and record. Each functions differently and are also important because they are records of finances or project development.

Speaking of freelancing, Statista foresees that by 2028, the freelance community will rise to 86 million. This can mean, you might need more freelancer statements in the future.

How to Create a Freelancer Statement

As a freelancer, there's a need to be very specific with your statements. To help you create one, check out the tips below.

1. Always Begin with the Purpose

Everything should start with a purpose, like in developing a mission statement. And freelancer statements are no exception. Given that there are numerous reasons you need a statement, you have to be particular about yours. Having a clear purpose in mind can easily determine what your document needs during the creation process.

2. Create a List of the Sections

When you look at work statements or financial statements, you'll see something in common—they have different sections. People usually divide statements into different categories. Categorizing your document will make it easier to create and quicker to read. 

For instance, a freelance project statement of work may have sections like work info, project assumptions, work scope, and more. In addition, do make sure only to put the right and useful sections on your document.

3. Provide Content for Each Section

Hopefully, you have your sections laid out on your work or finance statement draft. After that, you can now place the appropriate content for each section. Lastly, ensure that each section contains relevant, right, and well-researched information.

4. Keep Everything Organized and Neat

Much like creating a freelance contract, a statement has to be organized, as well. Remember always to consider the people who will read it. Truthfully, they will find your document hard to understand when it's disorganized. The only solution to that is to arrange each section and content appropriately.

5. Use a Template

If you want to consider something that can make your work easier, then a freelancer statement template is for you. This will speed up the development of your work. And you can choose from the large collection above.


  • Who writes the work statement?

      Usually, the person who writes the work statement is the client because he or she knows the project's needs. Aside from the client, there can also be other writers like the project manager or contractor, like a freelancer. 

  • What is the difference between a statement of work and a contract?

      A statement of work contains the description of the project or work requirements and expectations. Oppositely, a contract includes the duties and responsibilities of both parties and the payment details. 

  • Do freelancers get paid?

      Freelancers do get paid. A freelancer can send an invoice to his or her client showing the labor, equipment, and prices. He or she can also request payment before or after it's done. 

  • What is project statement?

      The project statement details the scope, purpose, goals, and timeline of the project. It also contains the deliverables, labor, and project validity.

  • What is the statement of work?

      A statement of work describes the details of a project's requirements. You will need this to help you with project management. A statement of work includes the overview of the project, timelines, methods, deliverables, estimates, the scope of work, and more.