Freelancer Invoice Templates

As a Self-Employed Freelancer, You Should Communicate Your Hourly Rates Clearly to Receive Sufficient Payment from Clients. Feel Free to Use Our Freelancer Invoice Templates on! Whatever Your Freelance Work Is, Whether You're an Artist, Graphic Design Expert, or Writer, Our Sample Invoice Designs Are Yours! They're Downloadable and Editable in PDF and Word Formats.See more

How to Create a Freelancer Invoice?

Clients who don't pay the right amount is a nightmare to any business, especially for independent workers like freelancers. ZipRecruiter's 2019 study found that freelancers can earn an average of $58,032 if they worked at least 36 hours a week. And for a freelancer to quickly request the client's payment, he or she must send an invoice.

A freelance invoice is a document that contains a deliberate description of a client's bill. A freelancer can use it to record and track every transaction with a client.

The tips below will surely help you create a proper freelance invoice. Check them out now below.

1. Showcase Your Letterhead

Place your letterhead at the top of your invoice. A professionally made one guarantees a good impression to clients and represents you as a freelancer. Having this visible also lets your clients contact you should there be any discrepancies needed to iron out.

2. Present the Details

For identification purposes, add your client's details on your sample invoice. These details include the client's name, company, and address. Don't forget to add the date of billing, invoice number, due date, and mode of payment. Features like these are useful for both ends of the agreement as you can track the transactions readily.

3. Provide the Service Information

Other essential details that you don't have to miss are the service details. Usually, it includes the service you gave, hourly rates, and total price on the tax invoice. Be mindful while writing additional information, because one mistake and your client can leave a bad review for your, or worst, will call you a scam artist.

4. Design It

You don't need a graphic designer to make your invoice look pleasing to the eyes. You can do it using any software like Word, Excel, Google Docs, or others. Explore by adding colors and non-distracting typography to your service invoice. It doesn't have to look over the top, but having an invoice that fits your brand will level up the experience a client will work for you.


  • Who writes an invoice?

      The party who writes an invoice is the seller or service provider. He or she will write the essential details on the invoice and send it to the client after.

  • Can an invoice be handwritten?

      You can print or handwrite an invoice because there's no strict rule about that. But if you want to issue a handwritten invoice, be sure to write legibly because your data might not be readable.

  • Can you send an invoice before work is done?

      Sending an invoice before you finish the work is completely fine. It doesn't always happen that sellers or service providers send them after finishing the job. When you send an invoice to your client before you complete the service, you're asking for a deposit.

  • Is an invoice a receipt?

      People usually make a mistake of thinking that an invoice is a receipt. An invoice is a bill, and you typically send it before the client pays. On the other hand, you send a receipt after the client pays.

  • What is a service invoice?

      When a service provider asks a client to pay for the services, he or she will send a service invoice. A service invoice is only for those who requested for services and not products or goods.