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How To Make A Professional ID Card in Microsoft Publisher?

An identity card (ID) is a requirement for professional clearance that you are an official part of an office, job, event, and more. Especially in the professional field, an ID card is an indication that you are a reliable and professional person. To make one, you must follow protocols to achieve a standardized ID card result. Keep it professional, get it together, and follow these tips in creating personal and business professional ID cards.

1. Plan Your ID Card

Making a plan before starting anything is a booster to start your ID card correctly. Think about the primary purpose of your ID, how many cards, and the card design. Will you use it to enter a crime investigation as a detective? Or to legally operate as you are a doctor or a surgeon? Also, decide as to how will you make an ID unique to avoid identity fraud. Will you use a bar code, ID number, or magnetic stripes? Finally, how many cards do you need? Do you need one for yourself as an architect? Or do you need bulk for the whole airforce? After deciding these factors, you can now officially start your ID card.

2. Decide If You Want A Template

If you want to use a template for your ID card, then you can download limitlessly here at With our wide variety of professional ID card templates, we guarantee you that you can find anything you need! With its creative, 100% customizable, and high-quality feature, as a student, you will not have any trouble with your school ID card anymore.

3. Include Personal Information

The importance of the identity card is inevitable, especially for personal reasons. Because of its personal information, an ID card is unique. At the front of your ID card, decide as to what type of picture you will indicate. Then, show the ID holder's name, company name, job position, ID number, barcode, and a company statement. At the back of your ID, you can include other supporting details such as the terms and conditions, lost and found statements, and company address. If you tend to make a college ID card, then replace the company's name with the school's name.

4. Format Your ID Card

For the layout of your professional ID card, you need to keep it minimalistic yet aesthetic. Decide whether you will have a vertical ID card or horizontal ID card. Then, decide what type of font you will use. Make sure that you do will not use funky and funny fonts, especially for severe and professional jobs. Decide the background of the ID whether you will have it in color or image form.

5. Start The Printing Process

Finally, after these steps, you can now print your ID. But beforehand, you need to decide what type of lamination and the material that you will use for your ID. Then, make sure that the printer will produce a bleed product so you will have a professional, flawless and simple ID card result.

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