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How to Make a Sponsorship Letter in Google Docs?

There are moments wherein businesses or organizations need to raise funds for a particular program or cause. Whether it's about a basketball tournament, a charity event, or a formal occasion, individuals need to send a professional request to their prospect sponsor. And that's when sponsorship letters come in. This effective fundraising tool attracts corporate sponsors who can help the cause of the person or group. Written on the document are the reasons for the letter's creation and the benefits that the guarantors will receive once they decide to invest.

Furthermore, it's important to note that donations and sponsorships are different. Donations letters are one-time pledges of an organization or individual, whereas sponsorships letters are renewed pledges that have a specific time-frame. Although these letter samples are similar in the essence of providing funds, they have distinct purposes.

1. Determine the Goal of Your Letter

Before writing your sponsorship letter, brainstorm, and establish the objectives you need to meet. You have to analyze and list down what you are hoping to achieve when you write the send these request letters to prospects. Include the specific points that benefit you and the company in the long run. For example, non-profit organizations can focus on the impact of their event on the environment or the engagement it produces on audiences. Students, on the other hand, can discuss the advantages of having him or her on the team after graduating from the university. Be clear about what you want and need, but don't sound presumptuous.

2. Create a List

Avoid clutter and misinformation by creating a list of all the things you need to write in your sponsorship letter. First, make an inventory of all the enterprises, entrepreneurs, or organizations that will qualify as a sponsor. Your list must include basic information about the company or people, and you should know the person in charge. Once you've accomplished sending your proposal letters, you can add a check on the name of the prospect. Make things easier for you and utilize a list template.

3. Talk About the Benefits and Compensation

In making the sponsorship letter in Google Docs, you must have an outline of the content. Elements such as benefits and compensation should be the highlight of your proposal letter. You have to take into consideration that these people have limited resources, and these materials should reap advantages for the company. Be realistic about what you will write on the document, and make sure these benefits are reachable.

4. Adopt the Proper Tone

When writing any proposal letter, it is vital to use the proper tone and language. It's easy to engage a conversation with a friend or an officemate, but when it comes to the corporate world, you need to be more cautious. Your letter is a request; it should be friendly and at the same time direct to the point. Be careful with the words you use, and be sure to sound polite and honest about your intention. This letter serves as an advertisement for your capabilities; be meticulous about the content.

5. Send to Respective Recipient

After the laborious process of editing your sponsorship letter template, proceed to the next process. You have two options when posting your letters; you can send through email or snail mail. Don't forget to double-check the mailing address, and include a note stating the time when you will be asking for their answer. A few weeks would be sufficient for a follow-up.

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