Non Disclosure Agreements Google Docs Templates

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The most common type of agreement used in almost all organizations is a non-disclosure agreement. Agreements are created between two or more parties to preserve a peaceful relationship. This is a legally binding agreement to take a specific course of action. The parties engaged are accountable for the collaboration and the success of the agreement.  

A non-disclosure agreement is a legal instrument signed by two or more parties to establish secrecy. This agreement is designed for mutual protection, the confidentiality of sensitive information, and the privacy of confidential concerns. Non-disclosure agreements are commonly used by businesses to prevent the spread of secrets and vital company documents, protect intellectual property and keep all information within the organization. provides Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates available in Google Docs. These templates are also called as confidentiality agreement created to be used if needed. Each template is professionally competitive and thoroughly made to ensure esteemed possible quality. These agreement templates are also equipped with sample features of a non-disclosure agreement such as parties, background, terms and conditions, information, recitals, and signatories. These are readily available, easily editable, conveniently customizable, printable, and digitally compatible. Each template is available in various formats and document sizes giving users ease of use. These templates also cater to a variety of purposes such as accountant non-disclosure, celebrity non-disclosure, and author-publisher non-disclosure agreements.

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