What is an Order Confirmation?

An order confirmation is a formal document that lists down all products or services (or a combination thereof) purchased by a buyer. It serves as an official record of what that specific customer wanted from a seller’s product or service offerings.

Most of the time, an order confirmation is only sent once the seller has received the payment/s a buyer makes for his or her purchases.

Note that there is a major difference between order confirmations and invoices. An order confirmation is just that, a written notice that the seller has received a client’s order and the payment for it. The latter is created and sent once the ordered product has been sent to the buyer.

How to Create an Order Confirmation

order confirmation template

One way that companies can set themselves apart from their competitors is by applying unique branding strategies to their own business documents. Yes, we are talking about crafting customized business stationery (whether digital or in print).

And there is no better place to start than with your purchase order confirmation documents. We’ve rounded up some of the best design tips that you and your team can use to improve your confirmation emails and documents.

1. Keep The Design Simple

An effective printable order confirmation should focus on providing accurate information about a customer’s order. Do away with superfluous designs and formatting as that will only make the document difficult to read.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot add images or background design on your order confirmation documents. You may still add them but just use them sparingly. This applies when making order confirmation emails as well.

2. Don’t Forget the Shipping Information

For most online businesses, you will need to create an additional section on your simple order confirmation documents. And that is the order’s shipping information.

This is an integral part of any online order confirmation since you need to keep your customers informed of the status of their order.

A good order confirmation email should show the estimated date that the client will receive the order. It should also show the order tracking number (if available).

3. Send an Email Copy Too

Whether you run an online store or a brick and mortar shop, sending an order confirmation email is an additional service you could reap benefits from. Not only will customers appreciate the electronic order record they get to keep, but you will also have a greater opportunity to connect with your customers through email.

Did you know that sample order confirmation emails have as high as 70% open rates?1 This translates to three times more engagement rate (regular emails get about 2.7% engagement rate) and three times more opportunities to add more value to your buyer-seller relationship.

4. Craft Interesting and Relevant Copy

As we have mentioned earlier, order confirmation documents are great at generating customer interest. Make this interaction even more memorable by crafting a unique copy.

Pay attention to how you address the customer on your order receipt confirmation. Avoid too formal or too generic sales wording like “This is to confirm your order of…”. Doesn’t that just sound too lifeless and boring?

Study what other companies are doing and apply them to your brand.

5. Include Your Business Contact Information

Increase your brand awareness by adding your company logo or by using your official business color palette on your order confirmation emails or printed documents. Make sure that you include updated contact and social media information.

This makes it easier for your customer to contact your team if issues about their order arise. Or, they could also use it to shop more now that they know how awesome your brand is.

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