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What is a Simple Order?

Simple order forms are documents that are used in business in which it is filled by a customer in exchange for goods. According to a trusted source, simple order forms are usually used when customers buy a huge amount of retail items. It is also used for requesting services like ordering the contractor to solve the issues in the construction or ordering plumbing maintenance into your home. Simple order, in general, comes in numerous types like purchase orders or sales order, work orders, customer orders, order requests, and more.

How to Make a Simple Order

A simple order form must show important details of the following items that are being purchased or the services that must be done. We provided you effective tips on how to make a simple order.

1. Indicate the Purpose

As you start, the first thing to do is to indicate what is the purpose of your order form. Order forms vary in many uses. Are you intending to make a purchase order? Customer order? Office lunch order? Distribution order? Book printing order? Goods order? Furniture delivery order? Whatever is your purpose, you must indicate it on the form.

2. Provide Basic Company Information

When making an order form, you must provide the basic company information to guide your potential customers. Provide your company's complete name and address into the formal document as well as its logo to show its formality. Do not forget to include contact details as it will be useful when the potential customer has any concerns regarding his or her order.

3. Include Spaces for Customer Information

Other than providing the basic company information, it is also required to add a section for the customer's information. Provide some spaces where the potential customer can fill out his or her name, complete address, and contact information. This will be the basis where the product will be distributed or incase of other concerns.

4. Make a Table for Order Details

One of the main content of the order form is the order details. It should contain the following names of the products that the customer wants to purchase, the quantity, descriptions of each item, detailed price, and other important details. The table should end with a provided space wherein the total amount of the services and products must be paid by the customer.

5. Add Payment Method

Add up the total amount of the products and make sure to include some taxes and additional fees such as delivery fees. Include some details regarding the payment method whether the customer pays in cash, check or credit cards. Provide the following dates.

6. Provide Closing Additional Information

In the last part, add some additional information about the terms and conditions, disclaimers, and any other rules. This is for the concern of certain issues such as product warranties, payments, delivery, and other issues. To agree with everything, close the form with the customer's signature with his or her printed name.

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