Using Instagram for promoting services and products has been on-trend for years now. One of the features you can use in that platform is Instagram Story. This feature can generate views, increase followers, and help gain customers through real-time storytelling and photos. More so, it's an excellent promotional tool. Since there are thousands of other advertisements on Instagram, you need a well-made and compelling promotion. So, select one from our high-quality Ready-Made Promotion Instagram Story Templates! You can edit all the content as each product highlights your business! Get a template and drive more sales today!

What Is a Promotion Instagram Story

A promotion Instagram story is an ad that appears on users' accounts. It usually contains storytimes, real-time photos, and more, but businesses use it to promote products or services. In 2019, Instagram shared that it had 500 million Instagram stories users daily.

How to Create a Promotion Instagram Story

When it comes to ads, you need to keep your ad aesthetically pleasing to catch users' attention. To help you, check out our killer ideas below.

1. Make It Beautiful

Always focus on the quality of your ad photo. An image only lasts seconds on the screen, so make sure that it's captivating at first glance. Use the aspect ratio (9:16) and the dimensions (1080px wide by 1920px long) of your photo in making your holiday Instagram story since they can affect the ad's quality.

2. Share Offers

It's not a new fact that everybody loves offers and discounts. So, when you have any of that, make sure that you glue it into your sale Instagram story. This can help you allure more potential customers to try your services or products.

3. Keep It Simple

Simplicity doesn't mean you need to create an artsy holiday or travel Instagram stories. Still, avoid putting too many decorations on your story as it can confuse and allude your message from your audience. Only place relevant designs and a short call to action. Let the ad explain itself.

4. Don't Place Crucial Info at the Top or Bottom

When you look at a social media Instagram story, it has your profile button at the left top and a call to action at the bottom. So, when you design your promotion story, never put any crucial details on those parts. If you did, the Instagram story features would only cover them.

5. Be Consistent

You can add at least seven stories to your fashion sale Instagram story. But when you link the stories with each other, you can use matching designs, colors, and typography on each story to keep people engaged.

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