Instagram is a useful social media platform to share different forms of posts like images and stories. Millions of people use Instagram, and it allows you to connect with everyone. It has a feature called Stories, where you can post videos and photos that are available on your profile for only 24 hours. If you want to upload your own Instagram Story, you should check out our Instagram Story Templates. You will find a multitude of professionally made, original products here on our website. Feel free to customize any of these on your own. Create an eye-catching Instagram Story for business or pleasure today!

What Is an Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a feature of Instagram that allows you to feature your pictures and videos and have them up for your followers to see within 24 hours. This feature makes it seem like you're presenting your life, real-time. People from all walks of life use Instagram Story from ordinary people sharing their lives, to business owners promoting their business, and celebrities or politicians speaking their minds.

How to Make an Instagram Story?

Instagram provides you a great source of entertainment. They are also a means for businesses to post Instagram ads as it has a vast audience range. But if you want to craft an Instagram Story that is thought-provoking, engaging, or entertaining, we have provided some tips below for you to apply when you make your own.

1. Plan Your Layout

How you layout your Instagram Story is essential. Like every document, you have to plan how it looks correctly. Studying some digital design techniques can be helpful to ensure your post is pleasing to the eyes. If you are planning on putting up a promotional Instagram story, you would need a professional outlook to attract customers.

2. Gather the Images You Need

There are a lot of images that you can use, but you have to make sure that you pick a picture that will fit your graphic design. If you want to put up a sale Instagram story then you'll need images and videos of your products on sale.

3. Choose a Fitting Font

Aside from photos and images, you also have to select an appropriate font. For any social media Instagram story, it has to fit the theme that you have in mind. You also have to be mindful of the font size. It should not be too small because it will be difficult to read and should not be too big because it will occupy too much space.

4. Put them Together According to Your Layout

Put the elements of your design together with your planned layout as your reference. You can refer to various relatable stories like fashion sale Instagram stories or holiday Instagram stories to get an idea.

5. Put them Up in Instagram

When finished with your Story's design, you may now begin posting your Story online. You can even connect your post with Facebook's My Day.

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