Hardworking employees deserve merits for their performance, and this can be in the form of a bonus or job promotion. Oftentimes, managers and supervisors don’t get to see this for themselves, which is why team leaders should bring it up to them. If you know of a coworker who deserves such merit, then don’t hesitate to get hold of our Promotion Recommendation Letter Templates. These professionally written templates come with content that’s highly suggestive and 100% customizable to give you a head start. Give your fellow employee the recognition he or she deserves with the help of our letter templates, so grab one now!

How to Write a Promotion Recommendation Letter

As mentioned above, managers don’t always notice your hard work. This is also mentioned on the website, Glassdoor, in which someone has to speak up for the employee to be recognized. But instead of doing it verbally, we have instructions below to help you write an impressive recommendation letter.

1. Keep the Tone Positive

Job promotions are indeed worth celebrating, so make sure to incorporate a positive tone in your letter. Highlight the employee’s best traits and attributes throughout his or her tenure. In other words, try your best in selling the employee to ensure that they do get promoted.

2. Start with an Introductory Paragraph

Like any other formal letter, your recommendation letter should also start with an introduction. Acknowledge yourself and the person who you think deserves a promotion. Furthermore, give a short overview as to why he or she should be promoted.

3. Provide Other Details and Specifics

After the introduction and the overview of the employee’s performance, you can proceed to explain in detail his or her credentials and accomplishments. Make an outline narrating the work ethic and skills that the employee possesses. You can also mention concrete examples to prove your point.

4. Refer to the Job Description

One of the purposes of job descriptions is to be the basis for training and promotion. Increase the value of your letter by referring to the job description of the said position. Match the skills and abilities of the employee with the prerequisites. Also, take note of the keywords used and incorporate them into your recommendation letter.

5. Sound Hopeful When Closing Your Letter

When writing the closing paragraph of your professional letter, make sure to sound hopeful or enthusiastic. This will give the impression that you are sincere with your request and that you really hope that your colleague gets merited for his or her performance. Also, don’t forget to write your contact details in case the manager has concerns or clarifications.

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