Social media has literally made a huge impact on our personal and business lives. Sharing stories with friends and reaching out to new people are made easier. Instagram, for instance, has become one of the most social media applications to share our travel photos, videos, and whatnot. It’s also a good medium to promote holiday sales. If you want to share your upcoming holiday promos and discounts on IG, we got your back! Our ready-made Holiday Instagram Story Templates are just a few clicks away! This easy-to-download templates can be customized in different editing programs. Download now and entice more customers to your shop!

What Is a Holiday Instagram Story?

A holiday Instagram story is a feature on the social medical platform, Instagram. It an IG story about holiday getaways or holiday discounts and promos that shops offer to increase sales.

How to Create a Holiday Instagram Story

The United States has 120 million Instagram users as of April 2020 which makes it the number one country with the most active Instagram account users according to Statista. For business owners, this number means more opportunities to expand their connections. It’s a perfect platform to offer sales and promos to potential customers. To make your holiday Instagram story more appealing, read our useful tips below.

1. Be Consistent With Your Style Theme

You want to post an Instagram story with a different style ever time, we get it. But you must remember that consistency will help potential customers to easily identify your brand. So, as much as possible stick to your style.

2. Incorporate Your Brand Colors and Fonts

People can easily pinpoint if the post is from your shop if you incorporate your brand colors and fonts. If potential customers are able to spot you, you can expect lots of Q&As from them and eventually increase your fashion sales.

3. Add Brand Photos

Although there are templates with premade photos, it’s highly recommended to use your brand photos. Again, it makes your brand easy to identify by your target audience. Your photos will also add uniqueness and originality to your social media story.

4. Add Captivating Words

If you’re offering sales, include call-to-actions and other inviting statements. You can also drop statements such as “ask me anything,” “holiday sales,” and more! Be creative with how you offer your products or services to the IG community.

5. Insert Unique Design Elements

Make effective promotions by using unique design elements that will capture the attention of your target audience. Use your creativity to create an IG story with cool and attractive effects if you want to be the most favorite Instagram account.

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