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How To Create Sales Receipt in Microsoft Word?

In any existing business, any type of receipts that you receive is not just a generic piece of paper. Especially in sales, a sales receipt is a valued document for the seller and the consumer. The seller must have a printed or online copy of the sales receipt for tracking and bookkeeping. The consumer is also liable for having a sales receipt copy to check the accuracy of the product or service the seller provides. For whatever reason, there is a general guideline that you need to track down in creating a sales receipt. Here's how:

1. Outline Your Sales Receipt

If you look for sample receipts online, it has a distinct format. Copy its outline to produce a legal and standard-based receipt. Make its draft by gathering the information you need in your sales receipt. Start with your necessary information as a seller such as your business name, a logo (if applicable), contact number, and a return address, and vice versa for your consumer. Afterward, include the type of product or sales you provided and its corresponding cost. For instance, if you provide taxi car services, you need to indicate each service you conducted in the car. Also, make sure to include a unique serial number for each receipt for bookkeeping.

2. Lay Out Terms And Conditions

Like in any receipt, your sales receipt must embody terms and conditions between the transactions. You can lay out a set of terms and conditions and consult your consumer about it for suggestions, revisions, or additions. An example of the statement you can indicate is the approval statement. You can state that the seller approves that the consumer has full ownership of the product or service.

3. Indicate A Signatory Section

In any formal business document, affixing the signature will be a significant factor for its validity. For your simple receipt and agreement to be valid, the signature of each party must be embedded in the receipt. It signifies that both parties understand the terms and conditions laid out, will comply with the receipt and has the copy for future purpose.

4. Pick A Template To Download

Back to square one is tedious and annoying. To avoid the hassle in a blank receipt, you can download the sales receipt template here at Why at We guarantee you that we provide you the best and top-notch quality templates that you cannot find anywhere. Do you need other receipt templates? Do not worry! We offer different receipt templates that you can download. You can download templates such as tax receipt, house property receipt, donation receipt, used car receipt, and many more.

5. Issue The Receipt

After issuing the sales invoice, you can now follow the receipt to your customer. Decide whether you will do it online or by hand. The deciding factor you can consider is the convenience, accessibility, and cost. Also, think about your target customer. What will be the accessible way for them to receive their receipt? For you to know, ask your customer during your transaction.

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