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How to Write A Sales Resume In Word

In an online article from a major financial and investing advice company, The Motley Fool, at least 40% of hiring managers admitted their quick glance on your hours-made resume, approximately 60 seconds, while 25% said 30 seconds only.
With their respective expertise in the industry and piles of resume read throughout their career, they know very well even just through a snap the quality of your resume.

To help you promote yourself best and fast, here are our comprehensive keypoints in tailoring your application to your resume.

1. The Type of Resume

Customarily, there are three common types of simple resume format you can choose from, depending on your career standing. Your resume can be in chronological format, functional, or combination. Identify the difference of the following and assess yourself which works best for you.

  • Chronological Resume - This type of resume emphasizes your work history. In this format, your employment record will be written in chronological order, from your earliest work position up to your latest one. This is most advisable to use if you have a concretely aligned career history with no lapses in between your employments.
  • Functional Resume - In contrast to the chronological format, this functional resume format features more the applicant’s skills and expertise than employment history. This is best for an applicant with a varied work industry background or limited employment history.
  • Combination Resume - As the name suggests, it’s a combination of both chronological and functional format. This lists down your employment history in chronological order, with a direct pair up of the skills and credentials per job position. This is best when you’re an entry-level job seeker, with limited work history.

2. Sound Professional

Your resume is your first linking tool to your potential employer. Hence, it communicates first before you do in the whole duration of your application. Word out your professional resume with an engaging tone. This goes by making use of active language in presenting your credentials. Also, numerously calibrate your sentences carefully. Be sure to make it error-free from its grammatical structure and the spelling. The same goes for submitting your email address. If you have an email address like “”, better make a professional one with your real name on it. “, for instance.

3. Formal Fonts

Unless you are vying in the creative industry that's acceptable to submit a creative resume, the best design your sales resume can have is by having it simple and clean as possible. Making it too visually busy is highly inappropriate and a great contributor to losing the job. In regards to that, make use of only at least two variations of font faces. Change the size or width for subheaders, make all the content written in a plain, uniform font faces. Generally, the font sizes must only be good between 10 to 14.

4. Accomplishments over Duties

The recruiters are looking for sales, results-oriented job applicants. In declaring your relevant credentials, focus to present it in what you exactly did than who are you in the office previously in your resume format. Instead of “responsible for” statements, rephrase it into an itemized activity such as “collected and examined the data/information for accounting laws and regulations compliance.”

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