How to Write a Sales Agreement in Microsoft Word?

A business agreement happens when there are offers and acceptance. A sales agreement is an important document in the sale transaction which is signed by the seller and the buyer. This document contains a detailed description of the marketed goods or services together with the terms and conditions set by both parties. Brian Williams wrote in his 21 Mind-Blowing Sales Stats that nearly 13% of all jobs in the United States have full-time sales position. Salespeople should be smart, nimble, and should acquire knowledge in writing sales agreement. Here are a few key details that you should include in writing a sales agreement.

1. Use Microsoft Word

There are various writing software programs out there that you can use, but I suggest that you use Microsoft Word in writing your sales agreement. MS Word is easy to use and to navigate, plus it has a document editor that keeps the formats and layouts look great and pristine in whatever device that you will use.

2. Determine the Parties Involved and the Date of the Agreement

The first paragraph of your simple agreement should contain the effective date of the agreement. It will be followed by the name or company name and the complete address of the seller and the buyer. Identifying the parties involved and the date of effectiveness is vital in every legal transaction.

3. Description of the Purchased Goods

Next, you have to provide a list of all the purchased items. Let's assume that the purchased item is a vehicle, you have to indicate the model, color, size, type of engine, and etc. Make sure to write down legal descriptions of whatever it is being purchased.

4. State the Payment Method and the Delivery Schedule

No matter how small the payment is, you still need to include a payment method in your sales agreement. Indicate the down payment percentage from the full price of the item being purchased upon the official execution of the agreement. Also, indicate the percentage that the buyer should pay within the agreed number of days. In addition, do not forget to specify the delivery schedule and the party who will be responsible for the shipment. Make sure that you got the buyer's complete address because you will use it in this part of the agreement.

5. Terms and Conditions

In writing your sales agreement, do not forget to put the terms and conditions of each party. A good agreement should not be one-sided—it should benefit each party. You can also indicate here what will happen if a party commits a breach of the legal agreement.

6. Close the Agreement

An agreement signed is a closed deal. The signature signifies that both parties agreed to the terms and conditions written in the sales agreement. Although the signature is located at the bottom part of the agreement, it is still one of the most important sections of your document.

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