Business owners go hand in hand with their employees striving to improve their business standing. Every effort and contribution is credited much value in the realm of economic stability. We want you to know that we strive with you all as well to make great things happen to your businesses. So we prepared for you this tool to give a solution to that. Implement our Free Ready-Made Sales Flowchart templates formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc) to help your sales organization to achieve all sales goals. Instantly download, edit, and print these templates in A4 and US letter sizes and portrait and landscape orientation styles. Simultaneously increase the productivity of your workforce and sales with flowcharts now!

How to Create a Sales Flow Chart

A sales flowchart is a graphical representation of the flow diagram of a sale procedure. Communicating the work process is one of the uses of flowcharts. To simply put it, a sales flowchart helps identify the success of the sales process. Numerous industries, such as entertainment, engineering, physical sciences, and computer programming businesses, employ flowcharts.

Microsoft Word is a wise choice of software in making your sales flowchart because it has the built-in tools to build and create flowcharts using shapes and SmartArt. Make this smart tool in Word and implement it to your business. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Analyze your Current Sales Status

Identify the condition of your company sales. Figure out if there are areas that need resolutions. Take note of these issues and make a flowchart about it. Start by creating the sales flow and raising interrogatives that will lead the way to address the concerns. Monitor from time to time if there are new purchase orders or other variables that affected your sales status, so your flowchart will also be an updated record.

2. Construct the Flowchart

Visualize your sales status by arranging it in a flowchart. To manually do it in Word, begin by enabling gridlines to show on your blank document. Gridlines will help you have a well-structured chart because the lines will guide you with the sizes of the shapes or symbols. And then, decide between portrait and landscape as to which orientation style you want to use. After setting up your orientation style, go to the tool menu, and find 'insert' then select shapes. Word will display a library of shapes with a flowchart category. Pick out what you need for your flowchart. To have a better understanding of the purposes of the flowchart shapes, here’s a quick guide. Rectangles are for processes. Diamonds are for decision points, and ovals are for determining the start ad end of a process. If you want to use SmartArt, select SmartArt in the insert tab. A dialog box will appear the go to the process category. Sales Flowchart templates are made available on this website for you to have a smooth workflow for your chart. It has the ready-made contents that are easy to edit in Word. Take the smart choice now!

3. Drag the Details into the Chart

On your flowchart, select the fields and drag the details of your sales system. Fill it until the sale cycle is complete. Just beside every step in the process, input the issues you raised earlier along with their statuses. Aside from the text details, drag design details to your flowchart also. Your editable chart allows you to customize it to apply your preferences.

4. Update and Present

Another status update may have come up while you are constructing your sales flowchart. So you have to confirm the latest status of any sales order or client purchase and any update available. This is for you look into your print-ready flowchart if anything has been addressed. If all is good, you may now present it in any print or presentation medium. Check out our other sample charts templates here at that you can utilize for your business needs.

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