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What Is a Sales Plan?

Think of it in a similar manner to an action plan wherein it points out everything that needs to be done in order to reach a certain sales goal. It's used to list down all of the different tasks and objectives that have to be done on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis until the goal is met. There's no doubt that the document is a very helpful tool for improving marketing strategies and for estimating gains and losses.

How to Create a Sales Plan in Word?

1. Open Up Microsoft Word

What better Word program to use when making your sales plan other than Microsoft Word? Start by opening up the program and making a new document. From there you may then choose to either start with a blank document or by selecting a sales and/or marketing plan templates that you want to use. There are many that come pre-installed with the program, but you can always download free or purchasable ones online or here in our very own site.

2. Know Your Goals

It's important that you know what specific sales goals you're aiming for and that you type if all down into the document. This is to help remind you and anyone else who reads the plan as to what has to be achieved. Also, knowing the goal or goals is needed for coming up with the right strategies that will help reach them. When typing it down, be sure that the description is clear and easy to understand.

3. Figure Out Your Target

When focusing on sales, you'll need to figure out who your target market is supposed to be. What specific type of buyers are you focusing your efforts on? What's their buying behavior? What age group do they belong to? Do they live closeby? These are the types of questions that you'll need to answer and you'll have to put everything you've managed to find out into your sales plan.

4. Explain How to Meet Those Goals

Now you'll need to come up with a strategic plan that will point out everything that has to be done in order to reach the sales goal or goals. Consider things such as the marketing methods that should be used and how you're going to get closer to your target audience. Provide detailed descriptions for each task that needs to be done and you can also point out who exactly is in charge of handling them. If there are deadlines, then be sure to provide the dates in which each task is expected to be started on and finished.

5. List Down the Expenses and Revenue

Lastly, you'll need to come up with estimates regarding just how much you're expected to lose and gain from implementing the plan. Consider all of the different things that need to be spent on such as equipment, labor, transportation, etc. After that, think about just how much your business is expected to make after the strategy's implementation. If you see that you're most likely going to spend more than you'll make, then you may have to make a few adjustments to your plan.

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