Sales managers lead their sales teams towards their success. As research revealed, 25% of sales managers drive their consistent performance in their sales teams. So, if you are striving hard to be the next professional sales manager in any business, start your job application by having our comprehensive, professionally written, and industry compliant Sales Manager Cover Letter. This file contains every element that you need for a compelling cover letter. Moreover, this file is 100% customizable and easily editable in Microsoft Word format. So, why miss this great opportunity? Download now!

How to Make a Sales Manager Cover Letter in Microsoft Word

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, as of 2014, there are 376, 300 sales managers in America alone. This is a huge number comparing to other sales position, thus the competition is really tight. So, equipped yourself for your job application and follow these simple tips in making your killer cover letter.

1. Start Strong

There is a high possibility that your future employer to reject your resume and cover letter if you do not start it strong. The first two sentences of your cover letter must immediately identify the qualities and education that you have that would fulfill the position’s prerequisites. If it happens that you are an aspiring entry-level sales manager, describe as to how your extracurricular activities and achievements are qualified for the position.

2. Watch your Language

The only thing that you can copy from your resume into your cover letter is the language that you used. Take note of the language that you used with your resume and apply it to your cover letter. The scope of language contains indicating keywords that would land you to a higher spot in filtering applicants.

3. Keep It Simple

Occupy the space that you need, but do not go overboard. Keep it short and brief. It would be unnecessary to go beyond one page. Moreover, have at least three to four blocks of texts. In that way, you can show that you can effectively pitch and communicate yourself through a single document.

4. Understand your Audience

Put yourself into the shoe of your prospective employer and set your expectations in a sales manager. It would be acceptable if you use a conversational tone, but not to the extent that it would be casual. For example, as you are applying as a sales manager for the pharmaceutical industry, you might need to make your tone formal.

5. Avoid Rooms for Errors

In writing a life-changing document like a cover letter, you would not want to mess even a small detail about it. After finishing your sales manager cover letter, give yourself some time to read and contemplate about it. You can also let fresh eyes review it for you and asks them for feedback.

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