Are you a business that provides goods and services to consumers? If so, then it’s important to make use of invoices when it comes to recording transactions and billing clients/customers for those transactions. By utilizing invoices, you’ll have logs that outline purchase details in a concise format. Not only are they convenient in usage, but they’re even easy for anyone to read and comprehend. So, to help save time and cut down on hassle, have a look at our 100% customizable Sales Invoice Templates! Quickly set up a professional base to work off of with our easily editable content for Microsoft Word; printable in both A4 and US letter sizes. Download our easy-to-use samples for less stress in composing a presentable invoice!

How to Make a Sales Invoice in Microsoft Word

For a company that’s focused on selling goods/services, it’s imperative that you can effectively keep transaction records and bill your clients in a presentable manner--this is where invoices come in.

As described on a page from, an invoice serves both as a purchase log and billing document. If you need some guidance on how to create an invoice using Microsoft Word, then simply read through our tips found just below!

1. Give an Appropriate Title

First off, your invoice should be clearly identified as such. So, with a file/template now open in MS Word, use large bold text to mark the top of your document with the word “invoice.” Also, it doesn’t necessarily need to be at the very top of your invoice; somewhere within the upper half will suffice.

2. Logo and Basic Company Information

Next, provide details about your company within the upper portion of the invoice; things like the company’s name, address, etc. are to be placed here. Along with that, include your company’s logo if needed.

3. Client and Invoice Details

You should also give details about the invoice itself and its recipient. So, state the client’s name, street address, city, ZIP code, and contact information; include their company’s name too, if applicable. Next, add in the invoice ID number, invoice date, due payment date, and payment terms.

4. The Provided Goods and Services

Now, list down all of the products/services purchased by your client, supplying information about each one; input the quantities, descriptions, prices, subtotals, and the grand total. Below that, at the very bottom of your document, include the terms & conditions along with a polite closing message. Remember to review and correct before finalizing your invoice!

With the help of our Ready-Made Sales Invoice Templates, you can compose a well-made design for payment records without breaking a sweat!

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