Businesses start from the bottom and work their way up until they are able to develop and create expansions. But all that wouldn't be possible if not for the business' successful sales campaigns. This is why it's important for a business to create plans and strategies to ensure that their sales objectives are met. And when plans are made, a planner should be utilized to record the details. Here, we have a wide array of Sales Planner Templates in Word that you can use. Every template is 100% customizable and easily editable, they're perfect for any type of business. Go ahead, subscribe to our templates now!

How to Make a Sales Planner in Microsoft Word

According to the Harvard Business Review, sales planning is a prerequisite for businesses to formulate a sales strategy. Of course, these plans need to be documented to ensure that the right actions are performed and the right goals are met. Feel free to refer to the guidelines below to start working on your sales planner.

1. Create a List of Reminders

Planners, as the name obviously implies, is a tool to create plans about future activities or matters. Before you start creating a planner in Microsoft Word, it's best that you make a list of the things that you need to perform within the day, week, or month. This way, you'll have a clearer picture of what to write on your planner once the layout is set.

2. Identify the Different Sections of the Planner

Unlike other tools that are used for documentation or as a reminder, planners consist of different sections that may or may not coordinate with each other. After making a list of reminders, determine what sections to include in your sales planner. You can put as many sections as you want as long as they're relevant or important to the business.

3. Create the Layout of Your Sales Planner

Once all the important elements have been prepared, you can finally start setting the layout of your planner. You can go with any layout that you want, what matters is that the details are easy to follow for you and for anyone who wishes to use the planner. But if you can't think of any proper layout, you're allowed to gather ideas from other basic planners.

4. Organize and Finalize Your Sales Planner

Last but not least, finalize your marketing planner starting with organizing the sections and inputting the information. As mentioned earlier, organize the sections in a way that not only you can benefit from the planner but others in the company as well. And before you publish or print the planner, make sure to proofread every single content.

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